Miracles, They Do Still Happen


I just have to share this with you all.

As you know, our cat had her kittens about eight weeks ago. Last Thursday she moved them somewhere. We didn’t find them until Friday morning, but we weren’t sure where they were sleeping. That was until Friday evening. Our mama cat in her ignorant cat wisdom put them someplace dark and cozy.

Friday evening Corvette Man went out to bushhog. He no sooner started up the tractor when he shut it down and bellowed for me to fetch our oldest son. After a couple of minutes I peered out the front window to discover he had a shovel and prone on its blade was the lifeless little body of one of our kittens. CM reluctantly, only after I begged it out of him, told me she was under the bushhog when it started.

Realizing the other kittens were in mortal danger, I embarked on a hunt, finding the remaining two frightened and in one piece. The mama and the two remaining kittens were relocated to the back porch, safe from any mechanical dangers.

My daughter and I went about our business while CM continued to mow. It was about two hours later I heard it. A distinct high-pitched mewing. I looked out the window toward the sound and found the mama cat in the yard. I expected to find two tiny dark bodies in her wake, but found she was carrying a kitten in her mouth. The kitten she tugged at was the light-colored little one whose prone body I had recently seen dead on the shovel. I cannot express the bewilderment I experienced when I watched that small fur ball hobbling when the mother released her.

I ran to the wee thing and picked her up, the mother in tow. Her body was inspected in detail and the only malady detected was the right rear leg hung lifeless and unable to move. She shivered and cried so we placed her in a basket with her brothers and her mama to, hopefully, recover.

Her crying finally ceased, giving way to slumber. She was monitored to make certain she nursed and to assure her comfort.

By Sunday the little minx was moving liberally and even the little foot bore a small bit of weight. Today she scampers with her brothers and the little foot is almost completely functional. Animals are so resilient.

It is a Miracle!!

She is perfect and in one piece and we are so amazed …and thankful.

I want to give her a name appropriate to this event, but I’m coming up dry. I’m open to suggestions.

A big piece of heaven today.

Love, Jeannene

About Jeannene Walker

Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. Thats so wonderful Jeannene. We’ve saved about half a dozen kittens in the last five years, nothing as dramatic as yours and it really is so rewarding.

    She looks like a fox with that coloring and sharp nose, so i say Foxy 🙂


  2. What a story! So glad the little one’s ok!

    If you don’t like Miracle for her name, Milagro, en espanol?

    Merveille? (French for marvel)

    Baraka (blessing in Arabic, because someone was definitely looking out for her!)


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