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Tassles A Flying


This weekend, being Memorial Day week and all, the next big town had a rodeo scheduled Saturday night. I asked Corvette Man to take me. I have wanted to try my camera on some live action. I already know it performs well while I’m traveling at 70 miles per hour, but I wanted to see what that baby could do on a moving object at about 20 miles per hour. Another challenge for me was the manual settings in diminished light. I used the 70mm to 300mm telephoto with a high ISO, low aperture and fast shutter speed. I am pleased with the settings and the performance of the camera.

Even more fun than just watching those rugged cowboys ride those wonderful horses was watching every action up close through the telephoto lens. It felt like I was up close and they were in my face. The seating in this area was perfect for catching the action too.

This cowboy is testing his skills on a bareback bronc and I must say he rode well. Most outstanding in his ride were those wonderful red chaps with the fringe flaying in all directions. I just love the way those chaps turned out in each shot.

He held on to that pony and let her rip.

Whee Ha! he’s got ‘er.

Hang on cowboy! Hang on!

Do you see those fringes a flying. Beautiful.

That bronc gave him a ride to remember.

He stayed on for the whole 8 seconds. Don’t recall the score, but the crowd was pleased with that ride.

This was only one ride.

We only stayed as long as our behinds could withstand the concrete seats on which we sat, which was only about an hour and a half. We still managed to see the saddle broncs, the bull doggers and the calf roping. I couldn’t endure the concrete for my favorite – barrel racing. I still had a great time.

Hope your week end held as much excitement as ours.

My little piece of heaven today.


Komputer Kitty


I work on my laptop in the evening while on the bed. It is a ritual before retiring for the day. Instead of isolating myself at my desk, the last hours of the day are spent with my husband. I may not accomplish a whole lot, but I can have my cake and eat it too. My evening ends promptly at 9PM as I have to rise at 4AM to get ready for work.

On this occasion I put my laptop down on the bed to attend to some family requirement, making pudding I think. When I glanced at my computer this is what I found.

This isn’t so hard.

It appears just about anyone, or anything, can operate a computer nowadays. This little guy appears to have been bitten by the techno bug.

Hummm, I think I see it now.

Jeannene, let me finish this. It’s coming along. Don’t interrupt.

Uh, uh. He looks like he’s easily distracted. I might actually get my computer back.

Hah! Caught you little guy!

Kittens are so much fun and such a cherished joy.

My little piece for today.


How Does the Garden Grow?


I spent the day at home yesterday, ah sweet respite. Being at home from work doesn’t mean I don’t work, though. I prefer the work at home over my paying job, but it doesn’t pay as well. It might very well feed us if I can get the garden to produce enough. Last year’s disaster of a garden has inspired me to make this year’s garden thrive. The tempered amount of rain this year promises an abundant harvest.

I just had to share the growth already underway in our little plot. This is the fourth year at this location. It took me a couple of years to find just the right spot. Buckets of horse manure in the soil help the good stuff to thrive here, but the pasture grasses and weeds continue to try to overwhelm the clean dirt. I am on weed patrol at every opportunity. I hate weeds. I hate bending over to pull them. I hate their unruly patterns of growth and their spindly leaves. Worst of all, they choke my beautiful plants from producing fruit and veggies.

This is the largest tomato plant in my garden. It is a huge plant bedecked with buds and even a few small green tomatoes.

We have onions. Don’t mind those stray green leaves close to the ground.

Garlic is coming along well. Again, ignore all the extraneous plant growth. Straw should be strewn between the plants, but I didn’t have any handy at the time.

The beans, on the other hand, have been ravaged by the deer. Can you see the nubs protruding among the leaves? Deer bites. Sad little stems gnawed off before they could produce.

It could be worse. The rest of the garden could have become deer fodder.
This is a close up of the beans.

Please don’t judge me for the white powder. In my twisted sense of reasoning I figured since it keeps bugs off the plants, perhaps it will deter the deer.

The peppers are thriving and even small peppers are growing.

See the tiny bead of a pepper?

The summer squash is flourishing. I haven’t seen this large a plant in a couple of years.

We’ll even have squash in a week’s time.

The cabbage leaves are folding around themselves to form the initial stages of a head.

And the broccoli is on the verge of sprouting its trees.

The cucumbers are beginning their climb and fruit will ensue from these blooms.

I sprinkled seven dust on those plants to waylay the treacherous little squash beetles and worms. I hate to use insecticide, but daily bug control is not in my agenda.

Further garden updates will be posted. Canning tomatoes this summer is my primary goal. I love tomatoes and they seem to like their new place this year, full of blooms and heavy with green tomatoes.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

A slice of heaven in the green.

Love and shalom,

A Dose of Darling Daisies


Last, but not least, of my flower foray are these little lovelies. They are by far my favorites. So bright and cheery, clear and sunny.

I call them daisies. I hope that is what they are called, because to me these are definitely daisies.

These grow wild on the side of the road. My kids think I’m crazy when I stop to take pictures of them. They really freak out when I stop to pick them. They are so cute with the black-eyed-susans in an arrangement on the table.

Just a daisy.

Simply beautiful.

Thank you for letting me share today’s slice of heaven.


Sunshine In a Bloom


Okay. Before I totally peter out tonight I am posting this blog. I am wupped, wiped out and annihilated for staying up until 10:30 last night to watch the excruciatingly disappointing conclusion to a stellar six season run of LOST. I am just going to muse a bit here. It was nice that they all reunited with the loves of their lives, but did they all have to be DEAD?? I am a hopelessly decadent optimist. Why couldn’t these characters have used the lessons the island taught them and continued a new path for themselves LIVING?

Enough of my rantings, though this has been immensely therapeutic. I now turn my attention to something more tangible and infinitely more attractive…. flowers.

These little diddies are black-eyed susans – I think. Feel free to correct me if you want. I have no aversion to furthering my education and God knows I still require more when it comes to flowers. I have waited weeks for these babies to appear. I don’t know why, but they make me feel so happy.

All those sunny petals..

One large black eye staring back at you.

Isn’t this cute with the baby’s breath behind it? I love it.


Isn’t this cute with the baby’s breath behind it? I love it.

I feel so blessed to immortalize these beautiful morsels. All these years I’ve taken snapshots and stuffed them into a dark album. This blog allows me to share them all.

This is today’s cheerful piece of heaven.


Back On the Seasonal Flower Trail


At last! I haven’t spent very much time here this week. I haven’t spent much time with my camera either. During this time, however, nature continued along its natural course, growing and maturing and flourishing in the bounty of springs rains. The road to our farm sprouted a few new blooms that caught my eye and I wanted to share them with you.

These are only two of the new brightly colored blooms adorning my trip.

These are another form of honeysuckle; this according flowerman CM. These are gorgeous, though and resemble trumpets to me.

Then there are these beauties. I am flora ignorant so I have no clue what these are, but I love this lavender shade. These are definitely esthetically pleasing.

It’s this the most delicious color?

These sure brightened these pages.

Another little piece of heaven


My Muse…Music that is.


Today I listened to my favorite radio station as I took a short jaunt into town. The piece playing was fabulous. I can’t remember what it was now, but it caused me to recall the origins of my appreciation of this form of music. I listened to this form of sound studying in college as I studied. It always fostered wonderful concentration.

I love classical music. I listen to all genres, trust me. And I find inspiration in it all, but it is classical that moves my soul and stirs my spirit. It is the melodic tones of the french horn, the harmonies of the strings and the rich tones of the tympani that inspire my creativity.
The most inspiring instrument for me is the guitar. The joy elicited is from that small hollow tool is mesmerizing and uplifting.

My appreciation for classical music originated with my dad. When I was a child, I was eight before we owned a television. The evenings were spent reading and listening to music. Classical was the sort of music Dad loved to listen to, so naturally we all sat in front of the side board stereo and listened to symphonies and sonatas. He would explain the movements in terms of nature and life, giving the sounds a face and a story.

As a young girl, I idolized my dad and these evenings remain as stellar memories in my eyes. We lay on the floor listening to the ebb and flow of crescendos and staccos as he interpreted the story behind the music. You cannot begin to image the beautiful panoramas that unfolded within my imagination.

Naturally, today it is those incredible, indelible memories that play in my mind each time I hear a piece from my childhood. It is those waves of contentment I experience as the music washes over me.
Perhaps that is why I use it to inspire me as I write.

What inspires you to do the gift you have in this life?

I’d love to here from you.

This little piece of heaven is in honor of my dad. Thanks again Dad for all the stuff you threw at me.


Miracles, They Do Still Happen


I just have to share this with you all.

As you know, our cat had her kittens about eight weeks ago. Last Thursday she moved them somewhere. We didn’t find them until Friday morning, but we weren’t sure where they were sleeping. That was until Friday evening. Our mama cat in her ignorant cat wisdom put them someplace dark and cozy.

Friday evening Corvette Man went out to bushhog. He no sooner started up the tractor when he shut it down and bellowed for me to fetch our oldest son. After a couple of minutes I peered out the front window to discover he had a shovel and prone on its blade was the lifeless little body of one of our kittens. CM reluctantly, only after I begged it out of him, told me she was under the bushhog when it started.

Realizing the other kittens were in mortal danger, I embarked on a hunt, finding the remaining two frightened and in one piece. The mama and the two remaining kittens were relocated to the back porch, safe from any mechanical dangers.

My daughter and I went about our business while CM continued to mow. It was about two hours later I heard it. A distinct high-pitched mewing. I looked out the window toward the sound and found the mama cat in the yard. I expected to find two tiny dark bodies in her wake, but found she was carrying a kitten in her mouth. The kitten she tugged at was the light-colored little one whose prone body I had recently seen dead on the shovel. I cannot express the bewilderment I experienced when I watched that small fur ball hobbling when the mother released her.

I ran to the wee thing and picked her up, the mother in tow. Her body was inspected in detail and the only malady detected was the right rear leg hung lifeless and unable to move. She shivered and cried so we placed her in a basket with her brothers and her mama to, hopefully, recover.

Her crying finally ceased, giving way to slumber. She was monitored to make certain she nursed and to assure her comfort.

By Sunday the little minx was moving liberally and even the little foot bore a small bit of weight. Today she scampers with her brothers and the little foot is almost completely functional. Animals are so resilient.

It is a Miracle!!

She is perfect and in one piece and we are so amazed …and thankful.

I want to give her a name appropriate to this event, but I’m coming up dry. I’m open to suggestions.

A big piece of heaven today.

Love, Jeannene

More of the Same…But different


For lack of anything more exciting to write about, I continue on with the wild flowers of Arkansas. Believe it or not these are wild roses. It was only after I stooped over these blooms to shoot this that the tell-tale scent of rose wafted into my nostrils.

With that hint, I studied the rest of the blooms and the buds. Sure enough, those buds were distinctly those of a rose!

I know these aren’t the most remarkable little examples of a rose, but still…

The blooms are nestled in the jumble of other weedy plants on the side of the road, all of them forming a green mat of growth along the ground.

Goes to show you what one might find on the side of a country road.

Today’s slice of heaven. Thank you for enduring my silliness.


Flowers or …Weeds?


I am on a flower kick. Sorry. It’s just the spring. I drive the back roads and the sweet scent of honeysuckle hangs heavy in the air, suspended within the humid droplet of our southern atmosphere. I hope it smells this way where ever you live. Such an intoxicating bouquet draws me to the outdoors, my favorite place this time of year.

These are flowers (weeds) proliferating in the pastures close to our farm. These flowers have never appeared before. I can only assume the abundant rains last year salted the soil with these new species of blooms. At any rate, they are really pretty.

Just cheery.

I tried something new with the processing.

I wonder what they are called.

Another little piece of heaven.