My Muse…Music that is.


Today I listened to my favorite radio station as I took a short jaunt into town. The piece playing was fabulous. I can’t remember what it was now, but it caused me to recall the origins of my appreciation of this form of music. I listened to this form of sound studying in college as I studied. It always fostered wonderful concentration.

I love classical music. I listen to all genres, trust me. And I find inspiration in it all, but it is classical that moves my soul and stirs my spirit. It is the melodic tones of the french horn, the harmonies of the strings and the rich tones of the tympani that inspire my creativity.
The most inspiring instrument for me is the guitar. The joy elicited is from that small hollow tool is mesmerizing and uplifting.

My appreciation for classical music originated with my dad. When I was a child, I was eight before we owned a television. The evenings were spent reading and listening to music. Classical was the sort of music Dad loved to listen to, so naturally we all sat in front of the side board stereo and listened to symphonies and sonatas. He would explain the movements in terms of nature and life, giving the sounds a face and a story.

As a young girl, I idolized my dad and these evenings remain as stellar memories in my eyes. We lay on the floor listening to the ebb and flow of crescendos and staccos as he interpreted the story behind the music. You cannot begin to image the beautiful panoramas that unfolded within my imagination.

Naturally, today it is those incredible, indelible memories that play in my mind each time I hear a piece from my childhood. It is those waves of contentment I experience as the music washes over me.
Perhaps that is why I use it to inspire me as I write.

What inspires you to do the gift you have in this life?

I’d love to here from you.

This little piece of heaven is in honor of my dad. Thanks again Dad for all the stuff you threw at me.


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