Monthly Archives: August 2009

Summer’s End


It has been at least two weeks since my last post. Unforgivable. Though, what crime really has been committed? No one follows my rants with any clear dedication. My two days off from work this week have been spent in the bed. I seem to be experiencing a relapse of the ailment that, two weeks ago, confined me to the same bed. I only know recovery is dire. I am required to work this weekend and I will be present come hell or high water. Only death is permitted to prevent us from calling in on a weekend day.

The summer draws to a close as the first day of school creeps ever closer. A blessing. The joy of spending time with two teen agers, the bickering and snide remarks, are at last coming to an end and my days off will be in blessed solitude until the 3 o’clock bell. Alas, there are some disadvantageous consequences. The pristine state of the house will fall to its usual disarray without the diligent attention of my 13 year. She has learned maintaining cleanliness requires constant devotion. That doesn’t begin to over shadow her ability to place a well prepared meal on the table. I will be hard pressed to follow in her wake. Alas my dedication to nightly meals has sadly waned since I changed our eating habits.

At any rate, we press on to the end of summer. Hot, sweet summer. It warmth will still pervade for at least a couple more months. Wonderful summer.