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The Joy of Art


Last weekend I took a short trip with a friend to Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Northwest Arkansas. It was a fantastic trip.

The exhibit was Georgia O’Keefe and her pieces truly were amazing. Lots of flowers.

Mixed among them were contemporary artists who found inspiration from Ms. O’Keefe’s work. They were different and varied, but they didn’t hold our attention or our fascination as this did….

Tucked at the end of the exhibit was a three sided nook, fairly large in size, covered with 360 small oil painted scenes of pieces of Americana. This was breathtaking and fascinating. It is called Light Atlas by Cynthia Daignault. It is absolutely astounding; the detail and perfection of each piece.



I know you can see what I mean. Amazing isn’t it? I love it when art moves my soul. Even something as simplistic as isolated thumbnails of American life.



After we rolled our tongues back into our mouths and started breathing normally again , we toured the Frank Lloyd Wright house the museum had acquired. This really is a work of art. We all know the name of America’s most famous architect. The man was a genius and many “modern” features we see in houses today were pioneered by FLW. He put floating shelves into this house. Radiant heat warmed all the floors. The living space opened up to the patio through large glass doors. (This was all in the 5o’s.) He was a minimalist to the highest order. I didn’t take any pictures of the inside. Lots of people in the way to get a true feel.


After a beautiful walk through the woods. Another encounter with deer, a rather common occurence with us, we finished the day at the Hive in Bentonville. I, apparently, was dressed appropriately for the restaurant’s themed icons. Fairly good color match.


Thank you for spending a little part of your day in my little piece of heaven. I hope you experience yours today.









Welcome Back, Jeannene!


Hello again, sweet blog!

It has been a whopping three years since I last posted on this little piece of heaven. In that span of time so much has transpired. Where to begin?

My sweet grandson turns 5 this year!! Can you believe it? The time goes by far to quickly. In this time, Riley has started to school. He is becoming such an interesting little boy. He is still fascinated with all the superheros. He loves books. When he isn’t being read to, he likes to “read” himself. Mind you, though, if he hooks you into reading him a story, you aren’t off the hook for just one read through. He’ll do his darnedest to sucker you into another reading.

He keeps his mom and dad busy as they pursue their careers. Riley is still the center of their worlds.

(picture of riley)

In this massive span of time, Ben started his studies at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. It has been a struggle for him as he embarks on the last semester of his undergraduate career. The last three years he has supported himself by working almost full time at Walmart. All this while being enrolled in a very demanding engineering program. He has managed to keep his head above water. Last summer he took a 7 month internship at a local paper mill and loved every exhausting minute of the experience. I am so proud of how much this young man has matured. He worked with some amazing gentlemen who imparted a great deal of wisdom, both intellectual as well as spiritual. He was given the opportunity to earn enough money to put him through his last year of school without having to work. He found his GPA rise with the extra time he could apply to his studies. I am so proud of you, kiddo.

He graduated this May and is adulting as we speak. Life is so much easier when you aren’t hampered by all those senior projects.

Kelly has spent the last year as an executive officer of her sorority, an exhausting and thankless duty that has taught her immeasurable details of managing people. She still works at the hospital as she puts herself through her junior year of college. Last summer she spent 5 weeks in Florence, Italy taking a foreign studies class through UCA. It was the experience of a lifetime. Truly. She learned how to navigate the Italien train system and learned how the rest of the world lives. Invaluable. She spent another week and a half Germany. Another experience she loved, as she meet relatives and discovered how Germans live and work.

Aaron is doing great. He has found a beautiful young lady to share special life moments with, who has brought a stability and normalcy to his sometime chaotic life. Thank you, Lea.

To conclude this post, I must report that my life, as well those of my children, was changed forever a couple years ago. My husband past away. It was unexpected. I sold the farm last summer and found a beautiful home in town. The decision was so hard to make and the move was brutal to expedite. I could not have done it without Benjamin. He was my sounding board and the muscle behind it all. I truly could not have accomplished any of it without him. Thank you sweet boy for taking care me through it all. I cried every day as I stuffed the accumilation of the past 13 years into boxes. Lots of boxes. On the other side  of it all, it was the best decision I made in years. I found strength inside of me I had forgotten existed.

My house is the perfect place place for me. It provides the ideal refuge from the world in the most optimal amount of space (twice the space of the house on the farm).

Yehovah is good.