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A Blast From the Past


Every month my daughter must visit her orthodonist for adjustments to her teeth. His office is so wonderfully fantastical what child or his mother would begrudge the visit? You have to see this wonderful place. Dr. Meyers designed the entire building, combing the country for the nostalgia I am about to show you.

The consult office is a soda shop with an original coke machine out front. I remember pulling glass bottled colas from this sort of machine in the sixties as a kid. (I am dating myself here, I know.)

This marquee marks the rest room.

The back room is designed to resemble an old Sinclair gas station. OMG this is like walking into the past. The dinosaur on the sign makes history come alive.

This room (I’m sure it has technical term) is where the patients sit in seats for Dr. M to inspect their progress. The chairs and tables were designed to resemble the inside of a garage. The shiny aluminum table tops mimic the tool boxes and the chairs are like racing seats.

Dr. Meyers desk is the front end of an old, I want to say, Cadillac. Correct me anyone. I won’t take offence. Whatever it is, it is gorgeous.

On either side of the work station area are 2 benches. Mom’s usually wait on these. They are awesome.

This one really is the back end of a nineteen fifty something Caddy. I love the raw-hide covering. Not only it this aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is really comfortable.

This Woody is the reception desk. Above the desk hangs a large surf board.

Something that brings back far too many memories is this Big Boy. I am
one of those who found themselves often in a Big Boy as a child and as a young person loving the food.

And scattered throughout the office are cases with memorabilia, or old toys. Some of these my brothers had out in the sand box.

A couple of loose antiques lying around on counter tops are peppered throughout the office.

Two dimensional photos hardly give you the impact this place has on you in real life but, I’m so glad to put this down for my posterity. In a few months my daughter will have completed her sentence of tooth adjustment and I may never get another chance to walk through this charming place.

That is my little piece of heaven this week. Let me know if you have any charming places in your community that take you someplace else.