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Beautifully Simple and Simply Beautiful


Today it is my express pleasure to share something created by another one of my aunts. I should clarify my dad is one of eight children, five of which are sisters to him and all of them incredibly creative in their own right. Needless to say, I am exuberantly proud of the originality that emerges from family members and I am compelled to share their beautiful creations with the world.

My Aunt Mary is a painter. She has taught art in the past and may still teach some, but I know for a fact that she paints and draws – it is her love. She has always painted as long as I can remember. As a child I remember being introduced to works of hers hanging on walls of my aunts and uncles homes. She is awesome. Now a days she creates smaller pieces. I wish to feature note cards she has painted and reproduced as prints.

I love their simplicity and the colors and their content. I love they are made by Aunt Mary.

And though I haven’t seen her in years, I can see her face so clearly. I love Aunt Mary.

The colors of spring are all here.

I love flowers.

There are even a couple small animals.

I think they are stunning.

I didn’t post this as an advertisement. My only desire is to share genuine talent with the people I know. I love to show off the accomplishments of the people I love. When I asked her to share these with you, there wasn’t a moments hesitation. Thank you Aunt Mary for the go ahead. I loved every minute of photoshoping these to bring out the detail. I think they are beautiful.

Aunt Mary sells these cards and should you care to purchase them she be reached at this email address:

I love this little piece of heaven today.


Hay Anyone?


We live in the country and we raise horses. Horses have to eat and their main staple is hay. A body can go crazy in select years to find enough hay to feed six 1000 lb animals. Fortunately the past summer has been a good one and hay grew abundantly. We reserved 300 bales from the hay farm close to our farm. They grow the most incredible burmuda grass which is cut into wonderful bales of hay. It smells clean and fresh and so full of country – even in the winter.

We trudged over with our empty flatbed trailer.

The farm from which we buy our hay stores it for us in this HUGE barn.

Rowdy is the man in the tractor. He deftly manipulates the bale grabber. It has ten hooks that hook into a bale each allowing the operator to load ten bales at a time.

…and I wasn’t thinking while I was taking shots and neglected to take a picture of the grabber empty.
Rowdy loads this stuff all the time and he does it with express fluidity and adeptness.

He layers ten bales at a time, placing them four rows high, twenty five bales a layer.

This is the view out of the back window of the truck.

Here is the whole load.

I love it when the barn is full of hay. It is a quiet, secure feeling. Everyone will eat well until the summer harvest.

Today’s piece goes to the horses!