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It has been five days since my last post. My goal of four posts a week has sadly fallen behind. I like to think I have a great excuse.

This past Monday began an annual writers event called Nanowrimo. In the month of November we are challenged to write a complete novel of 50,000 words. It is an enormous effort if you’ve never done it before. Despite working four twelve hour shifts this week, I have managed to log in around 12047 words for the week and am amazed I can do it. My reasons for entering the challenge are to push my abilities to write. I know I can do it. I want to find how dedicated I am and can I really get a story on paper in less than six months time. If I am ever to sell a manuscript, I better show more productivity than one book every year and a half. (Editing cam be very consuming.)

Enough of this. I really want to do a little post about one of my kiddos.

This past week was the last football game of the season. Ironically we spend the first games in shorts and tank tops and worry about overheating in the afternoon sun. To say nothing of the blinding western sun as we watch the game. The last game is spent hoveled under an umbrella and wrapped in layers of clothing while sipping hot chocolate. And this last game was no different. Shivering in forty degree drizzle, I watched my majorette do her last performance of the season. But that only, after realizing I left the memory card for my camera inside the computer, which sat on the desk at HOME.

Our son came to my rescue, delivering the tiny necessity just, just in the nick of time – seconds before the half time show. Needless to say, the plays of the first half of the game were lost to me. All I could do was watch the clock tick away the minutes, praying the timeouts prolong the progress of the play.

Then we have this….

Mine is the pretty girl third from the left. She drops her baton, but recovers admirably. Love watching this over and over and hope you enjoy it too.

This is my piece of heaven this week.




I live in Arkansas and thus am obligated to talk about football at least once. This is the last game I will be able to attend this season as my new night shift begins next Thursday and will prevent me from participating in the state’s favorite past-time.

I choose as my subject one of my favorite people and her favorite person, who happens to play football, my daughter and her friend. Truth be told, my only lay to claim to any football activity is her involvement in the majorettes at school. She is my favorite subject to photograph and this post proves that blatantly. Her boyfriend plays on the 8th grade team and he is no. 1. I don’t know what his position is called, but he does a lot of running and catching, but he’s not a running back – a corner or something. Can you tell how ignorant I am about the sport. I may not know the positions but I can follow the rules of the game implicitly.

Here are our players. The heroine (can you tell I write romance?).

The hero.

The game begins with our hero intercepting the ball. I missed that shot because I was on the phone with CMan. I did manage to snap off a couple other shots, though.

Can you find him in there? He’s the guy holding the pigskin in the middle of all those adolescent bodies. His mother is very proud of him.

Then there are the carries that clearly show us who it is.

We now transition to our heroine. She stands on the side line cheering on the team with her honed skills as majorette.

I love watching her move. She really can twirl that baton!

Notice the flare and style she exhibits.

She is the apple of my eye.

Now here is where she sits when the team is off the field….she is in the band. This is the child who strives for last chair.

Now for the reason we stayed forty-five minutes after the game.

She wanted me to take her picture with him after the game. Never mind his hair is sweaty wet from wearing a helmet for the past hour and he no longer wears Vilonia’s red jersey, but he is the apple of her eye.

This little girl is another little piece of heaven.