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Summer In Michigan


We finally made it to East Tawas.


Kelly’s first time to be this far north and lay eyes on one of this country’s Great lakes. Lake Huron.


Our first full day is glorious and warm and sun-shiny. Michigan revealed all her natural charms as Mom took us on a little tour of the area. First stop, of course, is the bay. Specifically the public pier. Dozens of boats are moored here behind a break wall. Even Cooper didn’t mind the giant expanse of water around him.


He took the outing as an adventure. Well, this whole trip is his adventure. It’s Cooper’s first vacation.


Mom took us to see the Lumberman’s Monument here. This area had a huge lumber industry at the turn of the century. My great-grandfather was a lumberman, as a matter of fact. Sadly, this writer didn’t even snap a picture of the monument itself. I was taken by the scenery ….


… and the opportunity to take a trip down this large hill via a few hundred steps of stairs…


The park overlooks the Ausable River. Lumber was harvested from the surrounding forests, pine and deciduous trees growing in huge numbers here. The logs were brought to the edges of the river, off the towering edges of the woods along the river, and dumped down long drops into the river to float down to the lumber mills.

Kelly and don’t hesitate a second when that wooden staircases invites us to the river’s edge a few hundred few below us. We take off, with Cooper, of course. He is always up for an adventure.


Having such short legs does keep him from traveling at human pace. We carry him most of the way.


At the river’s edge we find a barge replica the loggers lived off of. They cooked and ate on it as they floated down the river. I love history. Especially rustic and manly morsels. I won’t bore you with it all. Then we climb back up the stairs, a considerable more challenging feat than the descent. Very invigorating!


We found a local fresh fish market and bought fresh caught lake perch and white fish. We fried t up for lunch and ate like kings. As my grandfather used to say, often mind you,”I wonder what the poor people are doing today.” We are rich and blessed. Outstanding flavors of the area. Great idea Dad!

The day wasn’t over yet. A warm afternoon drew us to the beach. Too pretty, my little girl. I love taking pictures of her. I know, I’m shameless.


Crisp breezes, sparkling water, the pleasant burn of the sun on our skin finds us on the beach with most of the other tourists. Kelly tries to acclimate Cooper to the water, but he isn’t having any of it.


He may look all right, but in real time his little feet are paddling to keep him out of the water.
Dad and my mom found the most pleasant spot under the trees, a breeze blowing through, to watch. Cooper found it as a safe haven.


After a late afternoon nap, and I mean all of us, Kelly included, and dinner we finished our day by listening to the community band concert in the park. The constant breeze kept bugs at bay. We had a great day.

photo (4)

We pack a boat load of stuff into this day because we aren’t sure how often the sun is going to shine this week. Rain has been a constant this summer. Needless to say, we are pooped by the end of the day. Best day ever!!

Thanks for sharing this little slice of my heaven.


Working Vacation


This summer I indulged in a TWO WEEK vacation. I’ve never taken that much time off at one slot. I never had the hours to do it. My work schedule is so agreeable, I rarely have to take a day off to attend to family issues. I love that. That means vacation hours accrue and accrue and I have the time to use them when needed.

This year my plan was to reorganize the closet in the house. It sounds simple, but reality is a task involving a good part of a week. Mixed into this free time is the fact that Catboy underwent knee surgery the week before. and I needed to take him to several appointments. The timing couldn’t have been better. Poor kid gimped around as his sister and I ran circles around him.

We had Rubbermaid shelves erected into the closet, organizing the mess so beautifully. We used their Configurations product.
The learning curve to erect one wall took a couple of hours, but once it was up we had the process down. I ordered another wall to get here a couple days later. Before we knew it, it was erected with little effort.

Our closet was transformed.

The next week I cleaned out the shed. I pitched so much junk. Sold and gave away all the big bulky stuff so we can walk inside the thing. I feel like a free spirit! Whee! All the family photo albums have a safe place in the shed instead of the barn. This was harder to do than the closet. My helper had tennis camp all week and the other helper was only good for moral support. But I did it! It’s all done and I got the house all cleaned up before my sister and nephew arrived.

Liz and Sean Ragan:


This was the first visit my sister ever made to my house. We’ve seen each other other places, but never at my home. Our house is a little unconventional and I didn’t want to give her a bad impression. We had a great visit.

And we have to have a group picture. Even Aaron came to visit this weekend.


Here is just us girls:


Great conclusion to my working vacation.

Hope you all have a more relaxing vacation than I did, but just as rewarding.

Thanks for sharing my little piece of heaven.


We Had A Time!


It has been too long since posting here. Of course the time has been packed with activities. This is just a very short few words and couple of stunning pictures to give you some idea of what we have been doing with ourselves these few months.

First of all, the kids and I went down to the coast of Alabama for a very special occasion. Our son got married weekend before last on the beach of Gulf State Park and it was lovely. Just as thrilling as a wedding was the fact that my children have never seen the ocean before. Nor had any of us ever vacationed that close to the beach. On the down side, we had to leave Corvette Man to tend to the animals. Unfortunately for him, he came down with our daughters horrible cold while we were gone. It is terrible to be sick and have to drag yourself out of bed to feed. We missed him all the same. He explained he was best left at home sick than going in that condition, though.

Anyway, on to a few of our favorite pictures…

We got to feel the sand between our toes.

Also with us were my two mom’s. We had a great time visiting.

We also saw some unusual animals… at least as far as we are concerned.

And of course we had to drench ourselves in the salty water of the gulf. The water was warm. The kids discovered a stinging shock when they opened their eyes under the water. Not at all like fresh water or swimming pools.

Then of course, we have the main attraction.

The weather was amazing and pleasant. It was the experience of a lifetime for us all.

We didn’t really want to return from this beautiful piece of heaven. Tell me about your trip this summer. I’d love to hear about it.