Monthly Archives: November 2009

Just A Note


It has been weeks since my last post. I cannot express the amount of guilt I harbor about not writing at this forum more often. My only excuse is I haven’t made the time for it. For some reason the book I have in progress pulls me into its grasp and I don’t want to let it go.

Much has transpired over the past two months. My training as a writer has progressed and my experience widened. I attended three small conferences from which I gleaned countless valuable morsels of knowledge. At one conference one of my short stories won fourth place – Yeah! I really liked that story and there were tons of talented writers submitting excellent stories. That gave me an immense confidence boost and it showed my husband my work finds some value in the eyes of a complete stranger.

At another conference one story won FIRST place! That was no doubt a huge milestone for me. I knew that story really was well written and someone else thought so too. I have been spurred on to more challenging projects. I only hope I will devote more time to them. It only depends on me.

Shalom Alechem