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Garvan Woodland Gardens


This weekend we enjoyed the beauty that is truly Arkansas. We walked through Garvan Gardens on a glorious spring day.

Before nature, we had to make a stop at the go carts.

This was a whole family affair. Even our ever loving Cooper got to enjoy the scenery.

This place has numerous waterfalls of all sizes.

So picturesque and peaceful.

See what I mean.

Azaleas are in bloom and with them the butterflies.

Just another breathtaking sight. I like the little girl there too.

A young family was good enough to take all our pictures together. I rarely get in the shot, you know.

This just makes me wonder where it will lead. My mind goes off in tangents with sights like this.

Another intriguing view with the same girl. Hmmm. She is just so captivating.

A girl and her dog. How did that get in there?

The boy and his girl. So peaceful in the shadow of those trees.

Even Cooper was pooped. That was a lot of walking for those stubby little legs.

That was how we spent our Saturday in my little piece of heaven. I’d love to hear how you spent yours.


Day at the Races Cont’d


Because I’m such a photo hog and took so many great shots at the races, I will subject my few followers to another round of snap shots from the race track. I know I am merciless, just ask my kids.

This is the second race and this horse is my favorite pick of the win. I believe I chose this horse because of the jockey on board. He is a well know jockey and rarely rides a loser.

And he is a winner!

The winner’s circle invites all sorts of people have nothing to do with the horse or its training. They just want a picture with a winner.

This horse is from the third race. I picked this for a win because of his breeding.

The start of race three.

The field passed the eighth pole.

….and here is my horse in the final stretch. He is showing his heart here. Go baby go.

I love to see all the pony horses lined up. You won’t believe how many of these I have in my files. Choosing these few was no easy task.

This is a horse from the last race. Unfortunately I saw this fellow AFTER we placed our bets, because I love the look of this horse and I am a sucker to bet any beautiful grey to win.

Here comes that field and look who’s out front.

And here is the winner! This horse went wire to wire. Start to finish. Great race, but my horse did not win after that stupendous finish!

The winner!

That was a great race to watch.

Thank you for indulging me in my horse fetish.


A Day at the Races


We took a well deserved trip to the races a couple of weeks ago. It must be said, my hubby and I bred thoroughbreds and have raced a couple of horses. Going to the races for us puts us on the pulse of the industry.

I just love to see the horses run.

This time we took Catboy’s girl friend with us. She’d never been to the track. It was so much fun watch her enthusiasm at the new sights.

We started our visit to Hot Springs in our favorite place, The Arlington. Arriving still early in the day, we enjoyed a Starbuck’s and checked out the racing form.

Remarkably, we arrived at the track long before the throngs of people did. This is the inside of the building. Ordinarily it is wall to wall bodies in this space. I felt like a free bird in here!

We ate at the restaurant inside, ordering their famous corned beef sandwiches. Those babies were fantastic.

This is MY corner outside. It is the perfect spot to capture every horse as it goes by and watch all the pony horses and their riders. The race itself is only a 2 minute thrill. It’s the interaction of the race officials and the people who work there everyday that holds my attention. I’m kinda goofy I guess, but I watch everything around me. All of it has a story.

My kids are always the center of attention, as you well know.

Isn’t CB’s girl friend lovely?

This is the trek from the backside where the stalls are, to the paddock inside. The trainers, in this case, the grooms, lead the horses to the paddock. At Oak Lawn, there is an indoor paddock. It is so crowded in there, I don’t find all the jostling a pleasurable experience at all. I love the outdoors.We had some awesome weather this day.

These tractors condition the track for the race.

After the actual race contestants emerge, the pony riders come out. These men and women take each race horse around the track to warm up before the race starts. I know we are here for the thoroughbreds, but I love these hard-working, devoted equines. The pony horses and their riders are on the track for the entire day. They endure those high-strung, sassy race horses that bob and nip before they load in the gate. It always makes me wonder who the real athletes are.

I really like the look of this horse. That all white face. Not your usual look for any horse.

This is MY corner. A wonderful view of the horses leaving the paddock. Here we have a bird’s-eye view of each horse as it goes by. From here I make my judgment of the field and give our kids (now 18 yo) money for the bet. It’s very nice having kids doing the goferring for us. There is a crowd of people at those betting windows.

This is the field for the first race being ponied by the pony horses on their way to the gate. The lead horse is one of the race stewards. Stewards watch the race and participants for any illegal actions. They are the eyes of the race laws.

First race just out of the gate.

On the back stretch.

And here they are at the eighth pole. This is where the race really takes place.

They are in the final stretch.

Just a final word… the horse winning this race was our pick for the win! Our kids had a blast cashing in the ticket. And CB’s girl friend had a grand time in it all. Cashing those winnings, small as they were, gave her a charge.

This is the first installment of the races. I took so many pictures I refuse to allow them to wallow on my computer. They will be sent out into cyber space for the sheer joy of it all. Horses are always well worth it.

Until the next chapter,


Prom – The Highlight of Senior Year


This year is Catboy’s last year in high school. He also is dating an absolutely charming girl who brings out the best in him. He couldn’t have found a better friend. This past Saturday was the Senior prom for these two. After last year’s disaster of a date, he really hadn’t planned on attempting the dance again…. until he met THE girl. Her boyfriend last year didn’t take her to the Prom and CB couldn’t let her leave HS without the paramount experience of a formal dance and dinner. In the process he found himself immensely entertained and the experience more than enjoyable.

All of Saturday was used in preparation for the evening’s festivities. The epitome of the day for us parents was when all the students descended upon one of the college’s campus for picture of our babies making the transition from adolescence to semi-adulthood. We took hundreds of pictures in various picturesque locations taking a good hour and a half of our time. It was pretty fun to see our little boys and girls looking so grow up.

Of course, our daughter is in the mix. I always take pictures of everybody.

And of course, how could I ever forget my little Cooper?

I have to say my daughter admonished me for taking pictures of her and Cooper instead of the people of the hour. I can’t help it. I was bored with the formal wear and yearned for the home spun look.

But then we changed venues and my interest perked up again.

These are some of her friends.

The boys and the girls all together. For a bunch of nonprofessional mom’s, we came up with some creative poses for all these kids.

I just can’t leave out the little mop. I think he’s such a cutie. He was so bored with all the picture taking of anyone other than himself. He is a ham, can’t you tell?

Then the kids got into a limo to go eat. They were so grown up and not our little ones anymore.

All tucked into that car looking so pretty and adult.

Dinner was a blast as well as the dance. They didn’t even stay out all night like we did, thank goodness. I know a tale of some terrible experience… like last years prom would probably catch more interest, but I’m in the mood for calm and sedate after taking pictures with fifty other parents and twice that many kids. It was exhausting. You had to be there to know it.

Thanks for letting me share another little piece of my heaven. I’d love to hear about your prom goers experiences this year or in the past.