Monthly Archives: March 2011

Spring Update


Well, spring time here has taken a turn for the cold again, a plight of this section of Arkansas.

Last week was spring break for my kids. We cleaned house. YAY! And, before the temperature took another dive, we managed to get a few spring flowers in the pots while we enjoyed warm temps and sunshine. Thank goodness. That give me some meager solace against the rain and cold that has settled in over the weekend.

At this moment darkened skies boarder the horizons on all faces, threatening another round of thunderstorms. The two dominate male cats at our house are duking it out at the moment. Hair balls hang from their mouths and fur is ruffled in fury. And the dog is going crazy at their frenzied exchange.

Two of our female cats are swollen with kittens, due to have them in the next couple of weeks. They are amusing when then waddle all over the place.

We have a new batch of baby chicks just hatched this past week as well. They are eating hardily and full of life. I just hope they make it to full grow chickenhood with all the predators lurking around here, cats included.

A perfect slice

Spring time is always my favorite time of year. The dogwoods are blooming here already and the garden will go in very soon.

Welcome to this little piece of my heaven, hope yours brings you joy.


Family Plus


Week before last, the week of my vacation, when we ventured to Louisiana for a romance writer’s conference, we had the dubious pleasure of seeing our older son. He no longer lives at home and seeing him is a wonderful thing. As his mother, I miss him. He is funny and charming and now that he is his own man, he is wonderfully responsible and self sufficient. As a parent, self sufficient is a worthy characteristic to note in one of your children. (Considering that is the goal in bringing them up to conquer the world.)

This trip he brought a special friend to meet us. A very special friend. Mom’s are always leery about meeting special friends. It means I’m going to have to share my kid with someone else.

This is my Aaron and he turned 24 this past Saturday.

He’s a big brother and a beautiful child. Now I must share him with another female.

She is very nice and he really cares about her.

Then of course, here is my youngest and she will always be close to my heart and no boy will take her from me.

All in all it was a lovely weekend and we all had a great time. And I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. I love my kids.

Thank you for letting me share this little piece of heaven with you.


My Little Runner


I have a cutie who decided to run track and field this year. She loves to run, but has never done it competitively. Yesterday was the day to get her feet wet. Yesterday was the first track meet of the season. This just happens to be the day of our excursion to see Nicolas Sparks at the nearest university. So she is listed to run the 200m. This particular race is on the docket as the second to the last race.

So Mom is out at the track, hoping her little girl runs soon so we can boogy away quickly to the one thing she really would like to see.

The meet moves along very well. Before I know it they are announcing the 200m heat and I see her saunter over to the start. I have the settings on my camera ready and waiting.

I can’t believe it. There she is running with all her heart.

To me she looks so awesome. Running like a regular track star. Here she comes.

Love the intensity on her face. She is determined.

Then there is the friend at the end of the race. She and a teammate walk back to the coach. They seem so calm and collected.

You would never know she was an absolute nervous wreck before she ran. I never see her nervous. She met two young ladies from another team and they set her ease. Sports is great for making new friends.

I am so proud of her. We made our date with Nicolas Sparks with minutes to spare as well.

Sports participation is a little piece of my heaven.


We Are Visited


As many of you who read this little scrap of writing know, I live in the blessed, quiet, beautiful country. I love the peace and solitude it affords us. The wide open spaces give us room to grow and have animals. We have a few too. And… we have a few we didn’t ask for.

Meet Rocky.

He is a raccoon. He visits at night sneaking bites of any remaining cat food. He’s not stupid. He knows where the bread is buttered.

His problem is he can’t out smart C-Man. We have a trap waiting… always.

If we didn’t, the rascal would surely get into my chickens. I love my chickens and have no desire to share them with Rocky the raccoon.

He pleasures himself during his long wait for the trip to our neighbor’s, who will transplant him to a far away wood, by performing acrobatic feats inside this fairly large cage.

Silly thing is suspended by a bar at the top. He gets himself out of it just fine, but he is entertaining to watch in the mean time.

One last, long look into those dark, beady eyes.

He isn’t happy about being in there. His ears are flattened to his head and he was hissing at me. What would you do if you had some strange woman looking at you with a black thing in front of her face?

He is sort of cute, but they can be dangerous.

Thanks for dropping into visit my little piece of heaven. Now it truly is, because my chickens are safe.