I’m from a town in Central Arkansas. Not a Southerner by birth, I am one by choice. I love the warm summers, the mild, short winters and the lyrical twang of the Southern drawl. I’ve acquired my  own accent and wear it proudly in my travels.

I spend time traveling to see my four children sprinkled around the south. I have the opportunity to visit whatever foreign land draws me in, and usually do it. There are so many amazing friends and family scattered around this world and they all need to be visited.

Oh! I also write Contemporary Romance to awaken the soul and ignite the imagination.

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  1. I am really happy for you. You look like such a good and friendly person. You deserve everything that life has to offer.


  2. Jeannene

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog. I am so excited for you and inspired by you. You have a beautiful piece of heaven. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Shalom Jeannene!
    Wow! I can’t believe you live in Vilonia! We will sure be seeing one another as soon as I move there and get settled!

    Jim has a 40 acre farm too that we want to get a couple of horses, some chickens and a few cows!

    Come to our Feast of Tabernacles, Sept 24-25 in Eureka at The Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center.


  4. Hi jeannene could you please help me find out what that purple flower you took pictures of what that weed is ,,, it’s bugging me to know what it’s name is ? Strange question I know 🌝


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