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Fall Flowers and Such


Finally! The has receded and fall is definitely falling.

With the cooler temperatures, the foliage changes are evident. Aside from more red and yellows in the trees, we have a new set of flowers blooming in the pastures. Yes, I know they aren’t regular flowers. I am reminded they are all weeds. But weeds produce wonderful vibrant colors and they make me happy.

I tend to lean toward all those peaceful, placid, quiet moments in life.

Today is no different, I’m afraid. I can’t help it. All these little things draw me in and capture my attention. I’m such a sucker for tranquility. That could very well be the reason I live where I do. No busy traffic or hectic schedules.

For those of you who have that sort of day, I dedicate this post to you.

It may appear as a bunch of weeds, but that is only on the surface.

I love these purple flowers.

The flowers team with all kinds of butterflies and flying bugs. The activity among these tiny blooms is amazing.

Soooo… that is another little piece of my heaven and I am so privileged to share it with you.


Best Friends


As many of you know, we are over run with animals, quite a few of them cats. We also are blessed with a wonderful dog.

This story is about the unlikely relationship between one of our cats and that big ole dog. The dog is Labrador retriever with some mastiff in him. This combination gives him a fairly formidable size.

Our first litter of kittens produced an unusually placid little fellow. He is such a lovable tomcat. He made us all fall in love in with him. People aren’t the only things he woos.

We first noticed this relationship during feeding time one weekend. The cats are fed and then the dog receives his feed thirty feet away, inside his run. After the cats polish off their meal, and not a single morsel remains in the bowl, this little guy drops in on the dog and sneaks pieces out of his bowl. The significant piece of this picture is he does it under the dog’s nose, as he watches the cat eat out of his bowl.

The dog’s name is Flash. The cat is called CJ. They have a special relationship.

Flash takes every opportunity to show his affection for his special friend. The other day presented a perfect opportunity to capture it for all time. Unfortunately the dog is black, the cat is black, the furniture is black and the concrete is gray. Pretty drab background for picture taking unfortunately, but here they are.

This may appear brutal, but it is only done with affection.

Then, of course, this pictures speaks a thousand words.

This cat rubs up next to this dog as if he were a person. I have never in my life witnessed anything like this. Unbelievable.

As evidenced by that pink tongue, this is totally affectionate between both of them.

CJ is in heaven. Can you read the satisfaction on his face. Flash is just so happy to have a friend to talk to… or lick.

It is a relationship made in heaven. The giant black dog is enthralled with the black cat. And that silly cat uses Flash as a rubbing post.

Just had to share this little piece of my heaven. I hope you enjoy it. If you have anything wonderful in your heaven, I’d love to hear about it.


Music Can Move You


So what is it when you’re supposed to do something and you keep putting it off and putting off?

Procrastination!! That’s right. I am supposed to post here at least four times a week and here I am barely getting in two weekly blog posts. Shame, shame, shame.

It’s not like there isn’t anything to write about around here. Between the chickens and the cats and the horses and the kids life is wonderful, fun-filled circus.

The other day I was in the grocery store and a very old song played over the Musak. It was a love song. Now, you need to understand, I write romance stories. I see the world through rose-colored glasses, at least many aspects of it are perceived that way. So when I heard this song, after so many years, my
reaction to it surprised me. It still brought up a deluge of passion. I realized at that moment how appropriate this song was for all those love stories in my head. If I could only instill that emotion into what I write!

This song is immensely romantic and I am always amazed that a man wrote these words, because they really speak of the heart of woman.

I always want to cry when I hear the words of this song. It reaches down into my soul, to that place I barely know is there because it scares me such tenderness could really exist, even inside me.

This song came into my life during my divorce fifteen years ago. After a fourteen year marriage I discovered I was not that one person in his life whom he cherished. He didn’t regard me with any of the feelings or actions depicted in this song and it broke my heart to be cast aside. All I had ever wanted, at that time of my life, was to loved like that. Come to think of it, I want to be loved like that even now, who wouldn’t?

The mystery song is by Bryan Adams and was featured in the Johnny Depp movie Don Juan Demarco, Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman.

When I listen to music, I don’t just hear the notes and think how wonderfully they fit together. I hear the words and what they say. The melody carries the words to a deeper place and brings their meaning to life. Too often words speak to my heart and this song tore at my shattered heart.

Here are the lyrics:

To really love a woman
To understand her
You gotta know her deep inside
Hear every thought
See every dream
And give her wings when she wants to fly

And when you find yourself
Lying helpless in her arms
You know you really love a woman

When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s really wanted
When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s the one
She needs somebody
To tell her that it’s gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really
Really really ever loved a woman

To really love a woman
Let her hold you
Do you know how she needs to be touched ?
You gotta breath her
Really taste her
So you can feel her in your blood
Then when you can see your unborn children in her eyes
You know you really love a woman

When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s really wanted
When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s the one
She needs somebody
To tell her that you’ll always be together
So tell me have you ever really
Really really ever loved a woman

You got to give her some faith
Hold her tight
A little tenderness
You gotta treat her right
She’ll be there for you
Taking good care of you
You really gotta love your woman

And when you find yourself
Lying helpless in her arms
You know you really love a woman

When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s really wanted
When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s the one
She needs somebody
To tell her that it’s gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really
Really really ever loved a woman
Just tell me have you ever really
Really really ever loved a woman
Just tell me have you ever really
Really really ever loved a woman

Don’t those words just get to you?

As an added treat, I imbedded the video.

Don’t those words stir you? Can a man love a woman like that?

Fortunately for me, that guy actually did show up in my life. He held me like that and looked at me in just that way. He is the reason I write the stories I write. I love the feelings that erupted within me when he came into my life. I didn’t know those things existed, but when you find the ONE, strange things happen.

So, as a writer of romance fiction, I strive to bring each hero to that place where he can really love a woman. While I write those stories, I relive those early days of my romance with my husband. It was glorious. All those new sensations and emotional thrills are relived as I strive to bring a new story to life. I am such a sap, I know, but that’s how I’m built.

So this post is for the love of my life. He is, as always, my knight in shining armor.

He will always be a big piece of my heaven.





I live in Arkansas and thus am obligated to talk about football at least once. This is the last game I will be able to attend this season as my new night shift begins next Thursday and will prevent me from participating in the state’s favorite past-time.

I choose as my subject one of my favorite people and her favorite person, who happens to play football, my daughter and her friend. Truth be told, my only lay to claim to any football activity is her involvement in the majorettes at school. She is my favorite subject to photograph and this post proves that blatantly. Her boyfriend plays on the 8th grade team and he is no. 1. I don’t know what his position is called, but he does a lot of running and catching, but he’s not a running back – a corner or something. Can you tell how ignorant I am about the sport. I may not know the positions but I can follow the rules of the game implicitly.

Here are our players. The heroine (can you tell I write romance?).

The hero.

The game begins with our hero intercepting the ball. I missed that shot because I was on the phone with CMan. I did manage to snap off a couple other shots, though.

Can you find him in there? He’s the guy holding the pigskin in the middle of all those adolescent bodies. His mother is very proud of him.

Then there are the carries that clearly show us who it is.

We now transition to our heroine. She stands on the side line cheering on the team with her honed skills as majorette.

I love watching her move. She really can twirl that baton!

Notice the flare and style she exhibits.

She is the apple of my eye.

Now here is where she sits when the team is off the field….she is in the band. This is the child who strives for last chair.

Now for the reason we stayed forty-five minutes after the game.

She wanted me to take her picture with him after the game. Never mind his hair is sweaty wet from wearing a helmet for the past hour and he no longer wears Vilonia’s red jersey, but he is the apple of her eye.

This little girl is another little piece of heaven.


The Car!! It’s Stolen!


Friday night was a landmark night in my life and C-Man’s…we sent our two remaining teenagers to the High School football game unescorted, leaving us alone at home. It was almost as strange as sending my youngest child to school and then being home by myself for the first time in twenty years. It was quiet and we could do whatever the heck we wanted without running into children. Weird feeling I tell you.

After the game the thirteen year old was dropped off at our farm by a friend as the sixteen year old stuck around to hang out with friends. Our house sits far off the road in a small valley. The entrance to the road leading to the house is obstructed by a gate which remains locked most of the time and especially at night. When our daughter called, it was to come up and take her from the gate (which was locked thus preventing the mother from driving down to the house) and bring her to the house.

CMan is napping when the call comes and he tells me just to take the VW up to the gate.

This is the VW.

It is black and blends into the night very well. Friday night it was very dark and we have no outside lights to illuminate large spaces. I saunter out to the east side of the house and this is all I see. Remember now, it is dark out here.

I see darkened grass and the flower bed barely illuminated by the front porch light. All this fades into inky blackness. I find no VW, only grass.

“Honey, where did you park the car when you came home?” I asked CMan.

I walk to the front and try to see if it’s parked at the front of the house. I see only the white truck. Where could he have parked it?

My next thought is to get the 1000 watt light and check out the back yard. Too late, CMan has it and sweeps the area to discover there is no sign of a black VW bug in any section of our yard.

“It’s been stolen!” he says.

At that moment headlights appear at the gate and the thirteen year old will be in the dark if I don’t get up there lickety split.

“Just get truck.” CMan tells me.

I climb into the cab thinking there is no way anyone came onto our farm and made off with that car. I was at the gate at 7pm and it was solidly locked and the whole farm is fenced. No one could get off the farm without difficulty.

But where is that car?

At the top of the hill, our daughter awaits while her friend’s mother waits for me to show up. As she sees me int the truck, a large and ungainly vehicle to use just to fetch a child from the top of the hill, she asks me why I’m in truck.

“We can’t find the VW.”
I say. “We think its been stolen.”

Our daughter gasps. No sooner were the words out of my mouth and our daughter looks at me and says, as I’m thinking it,

“You guys didn’t come home with the VW tonight. Remember?”

“Oh! That’s right! We left it at the garage!!”

Did I feel like a total dolt!! We took it to the garage for new tires in the morning. Both CMan and myself drove the truck home. *slaps her hand on her forehead*

At the house, CMan is waiting from the porch with the 1000 watt light and tells me as we light out of the truck,

“We took the car to the garage!”

Our daughter laughs and rolls her eyes.

It just goes to show you, you can’t leave two grown adults to their own devices because they will find some way to make it all go a muck.

That humor has carried us the entire weekend and brightened my little piece of heaven.

I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend. Don’t be shy. Tell me about that one thing that charged you up these past two days.


As Basic as Grass


This may seem a silly post, so mundane and uninteresting, yet I feel compelled to write about it.

The end of the summer has produced yet another form of growth that fascinates me. I can’t help it. I am such a visual person (a truth that surprises me to this day) that I have to try to capture in the camera what the eye sees. Its as bad as trying to capture the movie in my head with words. Any way…

There are some ripening grasses this time of year that capture the evening sun in such a captivating fashion I just wanted to show them to you.

Growing in the pasture around our house is a lot of this type of grass or plant.

I realize at first glance this appears to be a bunch of weeds with little significance. But you have to look closer at the mundane. A treasure lies within.

These seed pods refract the light in a wonderful fashion.

Can you see the hum of golden light surrounding the fibers protruding from the seeds?

They appear to glow as the light scatters off the fibers.

Here is wider perspective.

We have to be able to recognize the significance of the simple, uncomplicated moments in our lives.

Grass is just one of those moments to me. It appears uninteresting until you view it a new light. Then the world of possibility opens and it shows you something enlightening, heart warming and much more than I bargained for.

I’d love to hear about one of those simply significant moments in your life. Come along and share your little piece of heaven with me.

This was the patch of heaven in the pasture at our house.


I Stopped to …. Breathe


Labor Day weekend is almost over. It was most wonderful. We balanced the ‘have to do’ with a lot of ‘just want to do’ and we are most refreshed and ready for the week.

I have spent a good part of today working on my website… the new website. I am treading into deep waters and I know it, but it has to be done. It is stressful trying to learn the language and jargon of the geeks (I like computer stuff!). To ease my over wrought nerves I remind myself with the following pictures, how simple and tranquil life can be and to revel in those marvelous moments.

Thus I marvel and I hope to transport you into that realm as well. Let us marvel together.

On my way to the clothes line, the wind blowing a warm caress over my skin, I discovered butterflies feasting on the seed pods of the grass in our yard.

All sorts of things live here in the country.

This beautiful monarch butterfly clung to this grass seed pod tenaciously as I fought to focus against the sway of the wind. He is glorious and he captured my attention fully.

To me this really is a piece of heaven.

This fellow hangs upside down to collect his meal. He is determined.

The time it took to take these shots sent me into the world of wonder. This is what I mean by my little piece of heaven.

I’d love to hear about your piece of heaven. Thank you for sharing mine.


We Grow Cats …and other things


I just know no one has tried to grow a cat in a flower pot before. This cat appears to flourish in his tub.

Just making a small presence today. A busy week keeps me from this venue as I continue to edit the WIP. Today I learned heaps at a local writer’s conference. Time for only a few short words this evening… accompanied by some pictures. Can’t help it about the pictures.

We have new chicks. Yeah!! After the near decimation of our small flock, our last hen layed and hatched this little brood. Much to my joy they flourish to replenish our flock.

The weather today is amazing and C-Man bolsters our flock with a half dozen new hens. I welcome the fall and all it brings with it.

How goes it your little piece of heaven, friends?

Love, Jeannene