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Family Weekend Fun


This weekend we enjoyed a visit from our son and his new family. I can’t tell you how much we looked forward to this visit. Me and the kids planned food and activities. It all paid off in trumps too. We out did ourselves when you stop to think about it. We had so much fun, we almost collapsed in exhaustion. Stick around and I’ll give you the rundown.

The kids arrived Friday evening. Our son is engaged and his fiancée has two little girls. They live in the city and haven’t experienced the joys of a small country farm. The kittens found themselves in little hands right away. Those cats weren’t fast enough to escape. The girls are fast. I can’t tell you how many times they slip through my fingers. (Or maybe I’m just too old to move quickly.)

After a quick bite to eat we all moved out to the horses. The evening air had cooled wonderfully, thank goodness.

As most little girls their age, they held a fascination with horses. To get them accustomed to them, we pulled out some feed and showed them how to hand feed them. That is an experience for little hands.
Here is girl two…

Then girl one ….

We laughed at their reactions to those big lips on their little hands.

The main event followed. Horseback riding. This is my Naomi. She is an awesome saddle horse. I would trust her with a kid on her if they knew how to ride alone even. We take the appropriate precautions for novices though.

This was a work out for me as well.
But our son gets his chance to run around too.

After riding, the girls tried their hands at the giant sand pile. Their shoes were filled with sand after this. A lovely pile of the gritty stuff found its way to the porch before we entered the house. I couldn’t believe how much poured from their shoes.

No one denies a pile of sand is a kid’s delight.

The next fun thing to do before the sun settled behind the western horizon was to ride the four-wheeler. You know those aren’t too prevalent in the city.

Momma needed a ride too. He sold his motorcycle last month so this is the closest he gets to a ride.

Here is a nice picture of our son and his honey.

That was a mess of stuff to do in that short amount of time. We packed it in before eating homemade ice cream. That sounds so country. For a gal who spent most of her life in the city, I have come full circle to the simple life.

The kids drove off to their hotel only to have us call them back. C-Man heard the girls wished they could stay with us. That wasn’t any sort of a big deal to us. We had them turn around to drop the girls to spend the night here. They loved bathing in a big slipper tub and sleeping with our girl… all three of them in her bed like peas in a pod. We all got to sleep reeeallly late.

Nobody beat beat me and C-Man up the next morning. Girl one appeared the minute she heard stirring in the house. She did manage to scarf up one of the kittens first thing.

She also had first dibs on the goats that morning.

Our day could not begin without another ride on Naomi.

It was a good thing we rode early because the heat of the day only increased and stuck around until after well after sunset.

Such was the first part of the visit. We loved having those little girls running around and carrying Cooper and playing on the keyboard and snarfing homemade cookies.

Check back later for the rest of the visit. It is just too much to put in one post.

Thanks for sharing my little piece of heaven. Let me know what special people have come to visit in your life.


Cooper Update


We have the sweetest, most darling little puppy.

In only two weeks he has endeared himself to us in so many ways. What human wouldn’t be taken by that little mug?

To say nothing of that pretty girl holding him?

Cooper is tiny and, as far as I know, too small to be left to himself outside. Unfortunately, he loves to be outside.

Outside he finds so much to entertain himself.

He chases the chickens and nips at the cats. The cats are fooled into thinking he a toy to rub against until he gives one a sharp bite on the leg. Then retaliation is in order. Here he goads this poor kitty into a sparing match.

Cooper only sees cats as his private play toys.

The cat here lay down on her own, though it appears Cooper is tackling her. He even assumes the position of dominance. She is just wondering what the heck is trying to do.

He looks down right menacing there. You would be surprised how aggressive 4 lbs of mutt can get. Especially when feline is on the order. This cat just pats him as if to placate a puppy.

Looks like he may have done some serious damage there. That cat, our Bella, thinks Cooper is her another cat.

I love watching babies grow and mature. Cooper is the baby at our house now.

He is the shiny at our little piece of heaven and I so happy to share him with you all.


Spring Update


Well, spring time here has taken a turn for the cold again, a plight of this section of Arkansas.

Last week was spring break for my kids. We cleaned house. YAY! And, before the temperature took another dive, we managed to get a few spring flowers in the pots while we enjoyed warm temps and sunshine. Thank goodness. That give me some meager solace against the rain and cold that has settled in over the weekend.

At this moment darkened skies boarder the horizons on all faces, threatening another round of thunderstorms. The two dominate male cats at our house are duking it out at the moment. Hair balls hang from their mouths and fur is ruffled in fury. And the dog is going crazy at their frenzied exchange.

Two of our female cats are swollen with kittens, due to have them in the next couple of weeks. They are amusing when then waddle all over the place.

We have a new batch of baby chicks just hatched this past week as well. They are eating hardily and full of life. I just hope they make it to full grow chickenhood with all the predators lurking around here, cats included.

A perfect slice

Spring time is always my favorite time of year. The dogwoods are blooming here already and the garden will go in very soon.

Welcome to this little piece of my heaven, hope yours brings you joy.


Cats… weather indicators.


This is just a quickie.

In light of the wonderful visual of grass now appearing all over our farm (the snow is melting) I thought I’d post some pics of my latest weather indicator….the cats.

This past Monday was a 5 cat huddle day.

My daughter felt sorry for the cats in the cold, so she laid out this old blanket for the poor dears. What follows is only logical…

This is a PILE of cats. And yes there are five in there. That yellow fellow on the top has a neck injury healing so don’t get freaked out. When I found all this the other morning, I couldn’t let is slip. This is taken through the window, hence a slight glare.

This is the morning before the pile. We have almost a 5 cat pile, but the temps haven’t dipped into the teens just yet.

Then we have “its cold out here but I will make due” day.

Everybody for themselves. They aren’t without their own resources.

Got to love those furballs.

What have your furry friends been doing in this cold snap?

Just a note from my little piece of heaven.


A Pile of ….


In the past few days our temperatures around here have dipped a few degrees. Where the sun radiated warm Indian summer heat on my little piece of heaven, it now hides behind a swath of gray clouds and we shiver in the chilling air. I have an extra jacket on and still get chilled, but then I am always cold.

People are not the only creatures affected by the cool weather. Our horses, though astoundingly resilient where the weather is involved, have their back ends to the northeast to fend off the cool air blowing from that direction. The chickens roam a little closer to home today and this is what the cats are doing in the middle of the day…..

We have several cats and this is five of them. The time of day is 11am. They are all gathered on the rug to avoid the cold concrete.

They began innocently enough.

They succumbed ….

And before you know it, there were five.

Almost looks like a perfect way to spend this sort of day, don’t you think?

Just a glimpse of my little piece of heaven today.
Of course, what makes it even better is the aroma of manocottis wafting from the kitchen.


The Food Is Always Better…Where?


This is a story about a bunch of cats. Now these cats aren’t the brightest of felines, but they are cared for and beloved and watched after so nothing as intrepid as the following will happen.

The humans overseeing their activities make certain these silly things remain alive to frolic and cavort around the farm in the future.

On this day, the four devious culprits involved, creep inside a large animal trap in search of a meal. They discover a handful of tasty morsels, not at all enough to satisfy the lusty appetites of these active felines I assure you. The disregard for the narrow four walls doesn’t deter their curiosity in the least.

All it takes is one animal to enter and the others fear they will be short changed of a treat and they rush in to abscond with the meal before anyone else can.

We have caught four cats. The trap is intended for the pesky possum pestering our farm.

The cats are oblivious to any foul play. Can you see how calm they sit and wait?

Ever to the rescue, Catboy liberates all the silly culprits.

There is nary any discord as they lie in wait. None chomp at the bit for his release.
The first silly cat notices the end is open. Within seconds he leaps to freedom.

His example is followed by a brother or sister.

Of course, Catboy waits patiently until each animal notices the end offers freedom.

Last to leave is Zoe. She is somewhat of a premadonna.

They emerge to find a bounty of food in their own bowls, courtesy of our daughter.

Cats are an example of how gullible small animals are. These cats are caged frequently, though, and to this day do not realize the true implications of this trap. It serves only as means of entertainment to them.

I am at no loss for entertainment in our country home.

Thank you for sharing my little piece of heaven today. I hope yours brings as much enjoyment as mine.


Best Friends


As many of you know, we are over run with animals, quite a few of them cats. We also are blessed with a wonderful dog.

This story is about the unlikely relationship between one of our cats and that big ole dog. The dog is Labrador retriever with some mastiff in him. This combination gives him a fairly formidable size.

Our first litter of kittens produced an unusually placid little fellow. He is such a lovable tomcat. He made us all fall in love in with him. People aren’t the only things he woos.

We first noticed this relationship during feeding time one weekend. The cats are fed and then the dog receives his feed thirty feet away, inside his run. After the cats polish off their meal, and not a single morsel remains in the bowl, this little guy drops in on the dog and sneaks pieces out of his bowl. The significant piece of this picture is he does it under the dog’s nose, as he watches the cat eat out of his bowl.

The dog’s name is Flash. The cat is called CJ. They have a special relationship.

Flash takes every opportunity to show his affection for his special friend. The other day presented a perfect opportunity to capture it for all time. Unfortunately the dog is black, the cat is black, the furniture is black and the concrete is gray. Pretty drab background for picture taking unfortunately, but here they are.

This may appear brutal, but it is only done with affection.

Then, of course, this pictures speaks a thousand words.

This cat rubs up next to this dog as if he were a person. I have never in my life witnessed anything like this. Unbelievable.

As evidenced by that pink tongue, this is totally affectionate between both of them.

CJ is in heaven. Can you read the satisfaction on his face. Flash is just so happy to have a friend to talk to… or lick.

It is a relationship made in heaven. The giant black dog is enthralled with the black cat. And that silly cat uses Flash as a rubbing post.

Just had to share this little piece of my heaven. I hope you enjoy it. If you have anything wonderful in your heaven, I’d love to hear about it.


We Grow Cats …and other things


I just know no one has tried to grow a cat in a flower pot before. This cat appears to flourish in his tub.

Just making a small presence today. A busy week keeps me from this venue as I continue to edit the WIP. Today I learned heaps at a local writer’s conference. Time for only a few short words this evening… accompanied by some pictures. Can’t help it about the pictures.

We have new chicks. Yeah!! After the near decimation of our small flock, our last hen layed and hatched this little brood. Much to my joy they flourish to replenish our flock.

The weather today is amazing and C-Man bolsters our flock with a half dozen new hens. I welcome the fall and all it brings with it.

How goes it your little piece of heaven, friends?

Love, Jeannene