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Winter progresses in Arkansas. Just a few days ago we experienced spring-like weather in our neck of the woods. Misty moisture hung heavy in the air, the day remaining gray and warm. The weather change threw everyone’s climate clock off kilter, and I’m not talking solely about people either.

Our little place is marauded regularly by the local deer population and Sunday is no different.

First they ease in from the wooded side…..

…sniffing out the territory, checking us out….

Next thing you know, more show up.

We are looking at a snippet of five does total. The diminished light and camera setting, not to mention their natural camouflage, makes it hard to get them all on film.

So they just ease across the open space. No cares in the world.

They keep coming… Until they locate the garden area. Of course they hunt the garden. Great source of food, you know.

And they blend in to the coloring you can hardly see them.

This means the spring planting will have to be protected! They are on the hunt for my plants and we haven’t even planted yet. Of course they are fooled by the warm weather, but it warns us to be prepared.

All of you in deer populated territories, be prepared. They will eat it all before you can get a leaf out of the dirt.

Just as word of warning from my little piece of heaven.

That is all.


Oh Deer


Here in Arkansas we have entered into the regular deer season. By this I mean that you can use a modern gun to shoot deer. Our woods are peppered with hunters of all ages throughout the week in the quest to bag the perfect, if not the only, deer of the season. We don’t hunt here at our house, not unless the grocery stores close shop and there is nothing to eat. That does not mean we don’t advocate hunting, it just isn’t for our household at this time. We certainly don’t mean that to indicate we don’t use guns, which we do. We live in the country and there are strange things in them thar woods.

I do love to shoot deer, though. I use a camera lens to capture my foe. The awesome truth in that is they are alive and depicted in their natural habitat doing their natural thing. Living in the country puts me smack dab in the center of deer territory, as evidenced by the decimation of my garden every spring.

In honor of deer season, I post a couple random shots from the area. A perfect specimen, if you can see past the vegetation.

He has a pretty nice rack on that head. Not good at counting points here, but he is a hunter’s dream.

Almost hidden by nature, isn’t he?

I have heard a few shots ring out in our valley. Hope this fellow didn’t make it to someone’s dinner table.

I love being so much in touch with nature. Of course that means we are visited up by nuisances like skunks and possums – yuk. They try to eat my chickens. We must undertake measures to dissuade their presence. Brutal measures at times.

But, for today, this is my little piece of heaven.

Love to hear where yours is today.