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We have embarked on an entirely new adventure at our house. Our girl discovered an age-old sport.


And she loves it! She finally found her sport niche and this girl is going after it like a dog with a bone. Even better…. she’s pretty darned good at it too.


She started hitting the ball around with her dad this past spring, him giving her pointers. (This is one of his big sports. He played great tennis in his day.) While at the school tennis courts one Sunday a woman gave us the number of a local tennis coach holding lessons in the near future. That started the ball rolling and it hasn’t stopped yet.

To give her some practice she started just hitting the ball against the back board and hitting balls off the porch into the pasture. That gives picking up balls a whole new meaning… hunting for tennis balls in the grass ain’t a piece of cake. You have to be devoted to go through that.

Dad bought her a ball machine shortly after that. You should have seen the improvement with that little gem! She went to the local lessons, tried out for the high school tennis team and made it (not an insurmountable feat in football country).




This summer she took lessons and went to workshops and this fall she played tournaments. Her path to improvement is remarkable and exhilarating because….


We are so proud of her.

Instrument in her improvement is this gentleman. He has been teaching and coaching her the past few weeks. His gentle encouragement has made her grow and flourish as a tennis player. Thank you Bill.


We just want to say… go baby girl!!


This is the latest installment of my little piece of heaven. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


My Little Runner


I have a cutie who decided to run track and field this year. She loves to run, but has never done it competitively. Yesterday was the day to get her feet wet. Yesterday was the first track meet of the season. This just happens to be the day of our excursion to see Nicolas Sparks at the nearest university. So she is listed to run the 200m. This particular race is on the docket as the second to the last race.

So Mom is out at the track, hoping her little girl runs soon so we can boogy away quickly to the one thing she really would like to see.

The meet moves along very well. Before I know it they are announcing the 200m heat and I see her saunter over to the start. I have the settings on my camera ready and waiting.

I can’t believe it. There she is running with all her heart.

To me she looks so awesome. Running like a regular track star. Here she comes.

Love the intensity on her face. She is determined.

Then there is the friend at the end of the race. She and a teammate walk back to the coach. They seem so calm and collected.

You would never know she was an absolute nervous wreck before she ran. I never see her nervous. She met two young ladies from another team and they set her ease. Sports is great for making new friends.

I am so proud of her. We made our date with Nicolas Sparks with minutes to spare as well.

Sports participation is a little piece of my heaven.