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The Food Is Always Better…Where?


This is a story about a bunch of cats. Now these cats aren’t the brightest of felines, but they are cared for and beloved and watched after so nothing as intrepid as the following will happen.

The humans overseeing their activities make certain these silly things remain alive to frolic and cavort around the farm in the future.

On this day, the four devious culprits involved, creep inside a large animal trap in search of a meal. They discover a handful of tasty morsels, not at all enough to satisfy the lusty appetites of these active felines I assure you. The disregard for the narrow four walls doesn’t deter their curiosity in the least.

All it takes is one animal to enter and the others fear they will be short changed of a treat and they rush in to abscond with the meal before anyone else can.

We have caught four cats. The trap is intended for the pesky possum pestering our farm.

The cats are oblivious to any foul play. Can you see how calm they sit and wait?

Ever to the rescue, Catboy liberates all the silly culprits.

There is nary any discord as they lie in wait. None chomp at the bit for his release.
The first silly cat notices the end is open. Within seconds he leaps to freedom.

His example is followed by a brother or sister.

Of course, Catboy waits patiently until each animal notices the end offers freedom.

Last to leave is Zoe. She is somewhat of a premadonna.

They emerge to find a bounty of food in their own bowls, courtesy of our daughter.

Cats are an example of how gullible small animals are. These cats are caged frequently, though, and to this day do not realize the true implications of this trap. It serves only as means of entertainment to them.

I am at no loss for entertainment in our country home.

Thank you for sharing my little piece of heaven today. I hope yours brings as much enjoyment as mine.