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Good Times


To my shame I forgot all about writing this post. Lifeinteruptus caught me up in its vortex. (That will be in another blog.)

In October my daughter and I took a day for girl’s night out. We had a blast!! We went to Luke Bryan’s Dirt Road Diaries tour. It must be said… we are huge country music fans and Luke Bryan is the guy whose song dragged me into the country genre. (I was a closet classical music fanatic for a long time.) When I heard “I don’t want this night to end” I was hooked. There is a line in the song… “You’ve got your hands up, you’re rocking in my truck…” that threw me back in time to my 18-year-old self. I remember doing that. It is a powerful memory.

At any rate, we made this a girls night out. We started with an excellent meal at a local Italian spot. It has a top rate atmosphere, especially on the porch where we braved the fall breezes.


Whoops! Wine. Drinking with my minor… It was a tasty Moscato. An excellent



Sorry. Just like to put this girl up. She dresses up any place. Though this spot was fun all by itself.


A selfie is in order here… barely. Probably the influence of the wine.

My hubby insisted we indulge in a great place to spend the night. Great room with a view of the Arkansas River.


Us actually at the concert… this is the last shot of either of us because our attention is consumed by music. (The pictures stink because they are off my cell phone, by small camera died two days before this event.)


First on is Florida Georgia Line… awesomeness in pants.


Next on is Thompson Square.



And then comes Luke…






We sang every song. Really it was more like bellowed out every song, but it was so much fun. The music just goes right through you.


This barely taps into the vibrance and thrill of all that music. Needless to say, we could barely hear when we got out and it took a while to wind down to finally sleep. T-shirts, expensive as they are, attest to the night and the fun.

Thanks for enduring the shoddy pics as you share in this little slice of HEAVEN.