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Cooper’s First Hair Cut


This post is all about comfort. Comfort from the heat. Comfort for the summer and mom trying to make sure everyone really is comfortable.
Do you get my drift?

As the mom here, I can’t stand to have my family out of sorts and that includes our little puppy. Shih tzu dogs are covered in hair. I mean it is abundant and it grows long. This is a good thing when living in the cold climates these little guys were first raised in. To have that much hair here in Central Arkansas can be dangerous to their health.

Cooper is no exception to this rule. His coat has been growing since birth and that means it is forming a perfectly wonderful form of insulation…. for the winter months, not for the summer. Poor thing pants and lies on the cool tiles to escape the heat. I just couldn’t let him suffer the heat. Solution: hair cut.

As you can see, Cooper is covered in hair. He is so cute and fluffy and huggable.

I took matters into my own hands and decided to thin his hair just a tad. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had chopped it off pretty completely. Can you see the spiky pieces of hair standing up on end? I butchered the poor little guy. He doesn’t seem to take any offense though, you know?

His little feet are still rapidity. I have no idea how to trim them properly. He has so much hair and it is everywhere. He didn’t complain with the cut though. He flitted around the house happy as a lark to be free of some of that insulation.

But…. C-Man and my daughter don’t really want to take the little guy out in public like that. He has holes in his back and the cut is uneven all over.

Can’t you tell?

Get a load of those paws too.

And… can you see all those uneven ends all over. He is still awfully cute, though.

So I took him to the groomer’s this weekend to sort out the mess. We went to the Petsmart place and they were awesome. Cooper is a puppy with no experience at grooming. The girl who took care of him was outstanding and he stood for her like a trooper.

To see him, one would never guess the dog has never seen a grooming table and leash in his short life.

He just lets her move all around his little body with the clipper without a word of protest. She just shaves away. This was not the scene at my house a few days before, believe me.

It looks like he almost enjoys it. I am proud of him though.

He even caught sight of us through the mirror.

And now we have a perfectly groomed little dog.

Can you see his little feet are all trimmed up and there are no more fly away pieces. We can see all of his brown little eyes. His ears are all even too.

One last look.

He is a big slice of my piece of heaven nowadays. Who’d a thought.


New Babies of the Kitten Variety


We have all sorts of animals at our house. And to add to the variety, they are an assortment of ages.

We have a few litters of kittens!

They are so darling too. There is only so much a body can say about kittens. Pictures say a thousand words.


This mama found a nice cozy spot in the hay.

I had reeeeaach in there to grab hold of these darlins.

I like searching out those little eyes in the dark.

There they are!

Then there is this mama, who casually keeps the tiny creatures in the tall grass.

She is so laid back out there. I would be afraid a fox or something would pose a threat to her kittens. Not Bella. She nestles herself in amongst the grass and weeds and won’t be bothered about the predatory world around her.

Those kittens look pretty darned comfortable. Not a care in the world. They are scrumptious too. I could eat them up!

We cannot forget the newest addition to our family. I mean he really is a family member.

He is the king of it all too. Gotta love that ole Cooper.

This all a wonderful slice of my piece of heaven.


Somebody Stop Me… Please!


I am terrible. I have become that crazy mom with the small dog she adores and goes wacko about all the little things the DOG might need. Now remember, this is a dog. They have their own coat for warmth and they are low to the ground and can make their own way in the world because they are animals. But this is a small puppy. A shit zu. He is so little.

There is no way I’m leaving him alone in the house, so he goes everywhere with me. And I mean everywhere. Rarely I leave him in the car, but often as not, I take him in with me…
He sleeps with our daughter, because he is her dog (technically). He spends the whole day with me at home so as a result, I am very attached to him. So he and me are a thing.

Spring time means being outside a lot at our farm. There is gardening to tend to and lots and lots of mowing. Mowing is my thing. I love to mow. When I get to mowing, I will be out there for an hour or more. That is a long time to put little Cooper in the house while I am out where he wants to be.

For a shit zu, this is the most outdoor indoor dog I’ve ever seen. He lives to romp in the grass. Chases the cats, who tolerate him, and hunts chickens. I would be cruel to leave him inside during such warm days.

On that note, I bought a frivolous thing, but it will really come in handy, I’m sure.

I know! I know! It’s a doggy carrying pack!! But I can’t have him outside while I mow or barking alone in the house. Now he will be entertained watching all the going on from the cock-pit of the tractor as I mow. He will love it!

We rationalize it will be handy during hikes and long touristy trips, because you know that dog is going with us.

Here he is with our daughter.

Now you have to admit, this is the cutest little dog you’ve ever seen. If this doesn’t convince you, then take a look at this.

Asleep on his back, all that hair sticking out all over the place and that delectable little tummy inviting a warm rub.

Gotta love it. Every bit of my little piece of heaven.


Three New Members of Our Family


We weathered a tornado last week. Our farm was spared any damage, all the animals are fine and only a few pieces of metal off the back porch roof came loose. Power was out for a couple of days, but compared to what the people down the hill endured. It was complete devastation. And then we remember the total destruction of homes in Tuscaloosa and this is nothing by comparison. I have family in those areas. They are all well and in one piece.

That was the big news in this little piece of heaven.

We have planned on this for years and I do mean years…. goats.
The same day C-Man came home with Cooper he brought home three goats. One is the mama goat and the others are kids. These goats are Nubian milk goats. They are exactly what we have been looking for.

I am unfamiliar with goat behavior. They are funny creatures to me.
The big one is Maddy, the mama. The middle one is Estelle and the tiny one is Mitzi.

Aren’t they kidda cute? These are Nubian goats. They are milk goats. That means, I will be milking her when she kids next spring. I have aspirations of cheese making.

These silly girls live in a pen full of grass, but they find it greener on the other side. For some reason poking your head through the fence to eat is more fun than just grazing inside the fence.

They also have to have protection from the rain. The tornado blew away the original shelter so we ran out and bought a dog igloo for these girls.

All three of them are crammed in it to get out of the rain. Goats don’t like to stand in the weather.

I like to see them all piled on each other too.

And…. the most characteristic trait of goats is their love of climbing.

The girl who can stand highest is the best.

She can really stand on a round dome, and she loves it. She is the queen of the heap.

Now all I have to do is get this nanny accustomed to me handling her and her udder. Easily accomplished with tidbits of grain.

I really love this little piece of heaven.