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I Wonder….


I haven’t posted very much this week. Shame on me. It isn’t that there isn’t much to say, it’s just I have spent my time working on the other website and it drains me of any creative spurts that might other wise have been infused into my daily life blog. The major buggers to that endeavor are conquered, though. so I must turn my attention to the active blog and post something that moves me.

The other day we took a short trip through the countryside. We live in rural Arkansas so a trip in the country is unavoidable, but we passed a building that intrigues me and my imagination.

This building is old, perhaps not ancient, but old all the same. It is nestled in the small town of Hubbard. In its hay-day it was a general store.

A general store.

I am increasingly intrigued with the past. This little building contained items people in this community needed. It supplied foods and clothes and tools and such…at least that is what my imagination conjures. Did an old-fashioned coke machine grace the front stoop? Was there an ice cream counter inside? Did it offer only canned foods, or were there any fresh foods for sale? Did farmers barter for merchandise? Say maybe eggs were traded for supplies or honey. During the summer months did they bring in garden veggies to trade for bread or crackers or noodles? I could go on and on.

And what did the people who frequented this establishment look like? What clothes did they wear? Were they farmers or what. This was a farming community long ago and there weren’t that many people in it compared to the numbers of families living there today.

Look. It still has its original sign in the front lawn. The owners of this little establishment keep it in tip-top condition. Next time we fly through, I am stopping to get some history on this building. I feel a story brewing in its boundaries.

And that is a look at my piece of heaven for today. I hope yours is peace as peaceful.

Love, Jeannene