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Homecoming 2012


This post is so late in coming, considering the date of Homecoming was in October. So many varied interruptions poked at me this piece never made it to the world. Never the less, this will see the light of day today.

This post is really for my daughter. It is about my daughter. Truly, it is almost nothing but my daughter.

When you get a look at these pictures you too will understand why it features … my daughter.

I am new to most girly things, being the mother of first three boys and lastly, of a girl. When I was sixteen, I was a tom-boy struggling to be feminine and getting very little help from my mother. As wonderful a person as she is, my mom was not the girly-girl most mothers are. I tend to lean toward her practical and stoic outlook of femininity.

My beautiful daughter, on the other hand, intuitively knows the requirements needed to accomplish the epitome of femininity. She dragged me to all the right places until we found the perfect dress.


After which we found the most stunning pair of shoes.


Hers are the pair on the far left. Studded with rhinestones. This picture does nothing to enhance the wonderful sparkly nature of those heels.

The whole experience swept me away in exuberance. I love shopping and shopping for shiny things is just that much more fun.

Then she found a hair stylist close to home to do her hair. It turned out beautifully.


And then there are more shots of just the girl…




So sorry. She’s my kid and this moment will never be here again.

Then of course we have the young man who is her “date”. We met up with him and his buddies where I also met his very nice mother. We are ever the protective parents, so we have to know everyone who touches our child.


He is a gentleman and made my girl feel elegant. Way to roll Keith!


And…. even more important than the guy… All the girls!!


Aren’t they all so pretty!!


These are the males to the females. All of them are so grown up and they clean up pretty darned well.


One new friend added here.


Had to include this one too.


And I had to get my mug in there with my lovely daughter.


This was so much fun taking the pictures – practice taking head shots and all sorts of people shots and making use of the light in these lovely settings.

This is my little piece of heaven today.