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Working Vacation


This summer I indulged in a TWO WEEK vacation. I’ve never taken that much time off at one slot. I never had the hours to do it. My work schedule is so agreeable, I rarely have to take a day off to attend to family issues. I love that. That means vacation hours accrue and accrue and I have the time to use them when needed.

This year my plan was to reorganize the closet in the house. It sounds simple, but reality is a task involving a good part of a week. Mixed into this free time is the fact that Catboy underwent knee surgery the week before. and I needed to take him to several appointments. The timing couldn’t have been better. Poor kid gimped around as his sister and I ran circles around him.

We had Rubbermaid shelves erected into the closet, organizing the mess so beautifully. We used their Configurations product.
The learning curve to erect one wall took a couple of hours, but once it was up we had the process down. I ordered another wall to get here a couple days later. Before we knew it, it was erected with little effort.

Our closet was transformed.

The next week I cleaned out the shed. I pitched so much junk. Sold and gave away all the big bulky stuff so we can walk inside the thing. I feel like a free spirit! Whee! All the family photo albums have a safe place in the shed instead of the barn. This was harder to do than the closet. My helper had tennis camp all week and the other helper was only good for moral support. But I did it! It’s all done and I got the house all cleaned up before my sister and nephew arrived.

Liz and Sean Ragan:


This was the first visit my sister ever made to my house. We’ve seen each other other places, but never at my home. Our house is a little unconventional and I didn’t want to give her a bad impression. We had a great visit.

And we have to have a group picture. Even Aaron came to visit this weekend.


Here is just us girls:


Great conclusion to my working vacation.

Hope you all have a more relaxing vacation than I did, but just as rewarding.

Thanks for sharing my little piece of heaven.