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Winter progresses in Arkansas. Just a few days ago we experienced spring-like weather in our neck of the woods. Misty moisture hung heavy in the air, the day remaining gray and warm. The weather change threw everyone’s climate clock off kilter, and I’m not talking solely about people either.

Our little place is marauded regularly by the local deer population and Sunday is no different.

First they ease in from the wooded side…..

…sniffing out the territory, checking us out….

Next thing you know, more show up.

We are looking at a snippet of five does total. The diminished light and camera setting, not to mention their natural camouflage, makes it hard to get them all on film.

So they just ease across the open space. No cares in the world.

They keep coming… Until they locate the garden area. Of course they hunt the garden. Great source of food, you know.

And they blend in to the coloring you can hardly see them.

This means the spring planting will have to be protected! They are on the hunt for my plants and we haven’t even planted yet. Of course they are fooled by the warm weather, but it warns us to be prepared.

All of you in deer populated territories, be prepared. They will eat it all before you can get a leaf out of the dirt.

Just as word of warning from my little piece of heaven.

That is all.


A Country Winter Morning


This week the snow cleared out leaving the morning sky a stunning to tribute to creator. My morning commute from work spurred me to take these. I have to say I was lazy when shooting these. I used the auto settings on the camera. The shots are darker than I prefer, but after a 12 hour shift and 30 degree temps, I had no patience to play with the shutter speed to achieve optimum effects.

Regardless, the crisp morning and the rising sun never cease to inspire my creative bugs.

I waited about ten minutes for the morning sun to tip the edge of our hill.

Then, it eased over the crest.

Lovely salmon hues through the winter trees.

Ooooo. She’s peaking pretty clear and it’s so beautiful.

I know this is the second post with sunrise on it, but I am a sucker for the light of day.

What part of the day makes you sing? Love to hear about it.

Thanks for sharing in my little piece of heaven.

Fire in the Sky


This is a quick post.

I came home from work this morning and this is the sight that greeted me.

The snow makes the colors pop off the cloud cover and it totally enthralling. Even more enticing was the way the snow sparkled off the head lights as I traveled down the road in near dark. It was diamonds twinkling everywhere. I couldn’t get enough of it. But I had no means of capturing it on film at the time.

After capturing the eastern sky, I turned around and this winked down at me….

Winter has so few redeeming qualities. The sky this morning gave me a fresh outlook on the cold, dreary days we must still endure. If there are sights like these, the rest of the winter won’t be quite so unbearable.

What little piece of heaven have you seen this week?

This is a peek into my piece of heaven. Thank you for letting me share it with you.


Cats… weather indicators.


This is just a quickie.

In light of the wonderful visual of grass now appearing all over our farm (the snow is melting) I thought I’d post some pics of my latest weather indicator….the cats.

This past Monday was a 5 cat huddle day.

My daughter felt sorry for the cats in the cold, so she laid out this old blanket for the poor dears. What follows is only logical…

This is a PILE of cats. And yes there are five in there. That yellow fellow on the top has a neck injury healing so don’t get freaked out. When I found all this the other morning, I couldn’t let is slip. This is taken through the window, hence a slight glare.

This is the morning before the pile. We have almost a 5 cat pile, but the temps haven’t dipped into the teens just yet.

Then we have “its cold out here but I will make due” day.

Everybody for themselves. They aren’t without their own resources.

Got to love those furballs.

What have your furry friends been doing in this cold snap?

Just a note from my little piece of heaven.




This week begins the real winter in the south, and boy is it a doozy. Arkansas usually weathers a couple of winter storms every season, but this year we are baptized with a snow storm of almost epic proportions, at least for this area. The irony is that the lower part of the state found itself buried deeper than the northern sections. Regardless, my kids are home and enjoying another holiday. And me, no job in the big city requiring my presence, I’m in hog heaven.

To celebrate the weather, my daughter took to the hill and gave it her best on the seldom used snow board. So you know that presents a perfect opportunity for me pull out my camera.

She is sort of getting the hang of her form…

Then there are the other interesting sights around our farm. Our resident Blue Herron stopped by to find his favorite feeding hole covered in ice.

The entire pond was covered over. He seems dejected and confused. I have never seen his feathers stick out in that manner before. I wonder if its a means to keep warm.

Then there is the morning after….

We are tucked snug as a bug into our house with a hot fire and plenty of food weathering out the cold in my little piece of heaven.

How are you weathering this bizarre weather this winter? Love to hear from you.