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Our New Addition to the Family


This post is long over due.

This month has been one continuous activity after another. I finally had a visit with our newest family member. Meet Riley Higgs.

He is now two months old. And he is my grandson. I can’t believe I have entered into this chapter of my life. I am amazed at how comfortable it feels. I pictured myself kicking and screaming, being forced to look at this stage of life. I thought I would feel terribly old. But instead this little guy makes me feel young and full of life. Thank you Jeremy and Marlana for this wonderful little gift.

He is such a cute little peanut.

His parents take such good care of him. They have discovered the ups and downs of parenthood. Keep your chins up guys, it really does get better and you relax more too.

I love those eye brows. They are so expressive and full of smooth curves.

But really, he just plain pretty. I am biased, I know.

This is our daughter’s first experience with handling a baby. She did great. I was surprised how comfortable she seemed with the little guy.

Thank you to our son and daughter in law for making our visit so wonderful and making us so entirely welcome. We can’t wait to come back and see our little baby again… Oh and mom and dad too.


Graduation 2012


I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. This year my third child graduates from high school. It wasn’t that long ago I was cleaning up a swath of food from under his chair when he was four. I remember making that child read every night in grade school. He hated to read out loud. But where would he be if he hadn’t, I wonder. It was just a couple summers ago we were watching him play baseball. Where has the time gone?

Now he has a girl friend and is making plans for college next year. Where has the time gone?

We had a great day on his graduation. My moms came up from Alabama to help us celebrate.

We watched from the bleachers as we, along with hundreds of other family members of graduates, earnestly sought out our child, now an adult, to watch them walk across that stage.

You can barely make him out in that sea of red. Here he is. We missed him as he marched in. I lost him. I can’t even recognize my own child. They all looked so much alike from that far away.

Before we knew it, though, it was time for him to take his place in line.

But not before his sweetheart went through first.

There she is getting her diploma. I know exactly how her parents feel at this point.

All graduated.

My fellow is still waiting for his name to be called. All 120 something students behaved themselves admirably throughout the whole ceremony. They did their school honorably.

There he is. That handsome boy in the black shirt and white tie.

It’s just about his turn! Those cords mean a scholastic achievement. The white is for honors and the gold is for the business school accomplishment.

Now it’s official! He is really graduated.

I think that smile says it all.

Here it is…..

This is after the hat toss. Those two are inseparable.

These two were all smiles. I am so proud of them. High school is the springboard of their future. There is so much ahead of them.

You can tell we are proud of him.

He’s a pretty big guy, isn’t he?

Any photographer in their right mind cannot pass up a pretty face. Our son’s sweetheart is one of those faces. Isn’t she cute? Check out those shoes too!

And now I just wanted to take a whole slew of family pictures. I just want us all to remember graduation 2012 and how great they all looked!

We look so pretty, I couldn’t resist.

I just wanted thank you for your perseverance as you page down this exceedingly long post. I took great pleasure in editing all these pictures and that means the world will have to have to endure a quick chance to see them. Hahaha.

Our day started out with rain, but the weather brightened and we headed home to grill and drink copious amounts of sangria while we munched on veggies and guacamole and chips. In short, it was a grand day had by all.

Happy Graduation Son No. 3 in this little piece of heaven.


Mom (Jeannene)