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It’s Growing! It’s Growing!


I found something in my kitchen the other day.

I should preface by explaining we built our house over a crawl space and the house has been here for almost six years.

I was digging in my cupboard for pasta. My pasta rests on the bottom shelf of my very small pantry in my kitchen. As I rummaged through the bags I encountered this….

It was a living stem of something. My first thought was

Oh my god, something is growing through the floor!

I didn’t want to find out any more details about the plant invading my pristine world of wood and tile. I did not even try to discover its origin. I really wanted to just bury my head in the sand and forget I had found it in the first place. I did tell Corvette Man about the growth in my cupboard. He was even more surprised than I was.

What! That can’t be right, dear. Are you sure?

Uh huh. I’m sure. It was a stem of something.

I’ll check it out later, but I don’t think that is possible.

I left it at that.

Today I decided I should tackle this little beast and ferret out its source, face the creature head on without trepidation, steele myself against the truth of my home invasion. I fortified my sensibilities and dug into the pasta section cautiously. Sure enough, there it was again!

A small, innocuous little sprout peaking out among the packages. I decided it was high time to find out through which crack this bothersome plant had decided breech my house.

I tugged at it. The sprig was bigger than expected. I pulled a little harder, giving it a firm tug and the thing gave way. This is what I pulled out.

I uncovered a lost potato, budding and flourishing inside the dark of my food cupboard. If it had been in rich soil, I’m sure it would have several budding potatoes hanging on its root. Boy did I feel like a fool! On top of that was a huge wave of relief that my warm sanctuary, my safe, dry place from the elements was still in tact and unbreeched. Whew!

So much for my little home invasion. My little piece of heaven remains intact.