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Sad To See It End


Today concludes the festive season of the Feast of Dedication, otherwise known as Channukah.

We lit the last candles last night with regret. I love the brilliant flare of their joyous glow. When that many slender sticks of fire are lit in one area, the amount of light they produce is astounding. And of course I took pictures of most of those Channukiahs over the past few days.

In light of the waning lights of Channukah, it submit these reflections of holiday cheer.

Please note how the increase in radiance as we progress.

Not to mention the decreasing amount of daylight as we move through the week.

And please disregard the warped candles. These came through the mail from Israel and encountered some unusual heat on their journey.

The glow is growing.

Just love how they radiate a soft light and all. The entire kitchen is illuminated. Ahhhhh.

And of course, we have the last night.

Again, the wonky candles, but that’s what makes it our own. Just love the uniqueness of it all. We used to have three of these going at once when the older son lived at home. Every child had to light their own candles. That was half the fun of Channukah.

Today, the last day of the festival, I remember all the incredible victories in my life that occurred during this season. They are so life changing and character building that I stand amazed in their wake.

My first marriage came to an end at this time. Though that might be a terrible tragedy at the time, in the broad scheme of my life, it was a Godsend and set me free.

My second marriage began to bloom at this time fifteen years ago.

I started writing two years ago.

Just a couple bigger than life highlights. Many smaller miracles and accomplishments fall in between those.

I’d love to hear of the wonderful happenings in your life, if you’d like to share.

This is my little piece of heaven.