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A break in the Weather


This summer has been the hottest summer on record in the state of Arkansas. I can tell you uncatagorically that I felt every day of it. It was darned hot. And this from a woman who freezes instantly in the air conditioning of every restaurant and mall she sets foot into. We spent our days inside and ventured out only in the early morning and almost never in the evening, for the summer never relented.

In the midst of all this heat, we experienced perhaps only one really good gully washer of a storm sometime in July. It was enough to stave off the imminent drought looming over us, but the brief bout of relief wasn’t near enough to carry us through the next three or four weeks. Until…

The most wonderful stormed loomed on us last week and brought with it more that just one tempest in its wake. We watched the clouds gather and foreshadow us. Our greatest fear they only teased us with much-needed shade and very little water was shattered as the first drops of water soaked the parched ground and gathered into rivulets of welcome refreshing relief.

The formation of the thunderheads is absolutely fascinating. Please excuse all the senseless cloud shots. Couldn’t help myself last Monday as we waited with bated breath for the invigorating downpour that followed all these pictures.

Don’t you just love the separation of light in the sky? Ordinarily this is a bad omen, heralding a tornado, but the conditions for such were nonexistent this day.

Just the roll of the clouds drew me in. Heck, my whole family ran around coaxing me to take pictures of the process.

Then it cloaked us in its last throes of darkness before gracing us with the most glorious respite of the entire summer. The horses welcomed the shower, water drenching them in blissful relief as the goats sought shelter in their igloo – all three of them crammed into the space to escape the down pour.

Incredible blessing it was. That is all I can say, making our farm our own little piece of heaven on earth.


Fire in the Sky


This is a quick post.

I came home from work this morning and this is the sight that greeted me.

The snow makes the colors pop off the cloud cover and it totally enthralling. Even more enticing was the way the snow sparkled off the head lights as I traveled down the road in near dark. It was diamonds twinkling everywhere. I couldn’t get enough of it. But I had no means of capturing it on film at the time.

After capturing the eastern sky, I turned around and this winked down at me….

Winter has so few redeeming qualities. The sky this morning gave me a fresh outlook on the cold, dreary days we must still endure. If there are sights like these, the rest of the winter won’t be quite so unbearable.

What little piece of heaven have you seen this week?

This is a peek into my piece of heaven. Thank you for letting me share it with you.