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The Car!! It’s Stolen!


Friday night was a landmark night in my life and C-Man’s…we sent our two remaining teenagers to the High School football game unescorted, leaving us alone at home. It was almost as strange as sending my youngest child to school and then being home by myself for the first time in twenty years. It was quiet and we could do whatever the heck we wanted without running into children. Weird feeling I tell you.

After the game the thirteen year old was dropped off at our farm by a friend as the sixteen year old stuck around to hang out with friends. Our house sits far off the road in a small valley. The entrance to the road leading to the house is obstructed by a gate which remains locked most of the time and especially at night. When our daughter called, it was to come up and take her from the gate (which was locked thus preventing the mother from driving down to the house) and bring her to the house.

CMan is napping when the call comes and he tells me just to take the VW up to the gate.

This is the VW.

It is black and blends into the night very well. Friday night it was very dark and we have no outside lights to illuminate large spaces. I saunter out to the east side of the house and this is all I see. Remember now, it is dark out here.

I see darkened grass and the flower bed barely illuminated by the front porch light. All this fades into inky blackness. I find no VW, only grass.

“Honey, where did you park the car when you came home?” I asked CMan.

I walk to the front and try to see if it’s parked at the front of the house. I see only the white truck. Where could he have parked it?

My next thought is to get the 1000 watt light and check out the back yard. Too late, CMan has it and sweeps the area to discover there is no sign of a black VW bug in any section of our yard.

“It’s been stolen!” he says.

At that moment headlights appear at the gate and the thirteen year old will be in the dark if I don’t get up there lickety split.

“Just get truck.” CMan tells me.

I climb into the cab thinking there is no way anyone came onto our farm and made off with that car. I was at the gate at 7pm and it was solidly locked and the whole farm is fenced. No one could get off the farm without difficulty.

But where is that car?

At the top of the hill, our daughter awaits while her friend’s mother waits for me to show up. As she sees me int the truck, a large and ungainly vehicle to use just to fetch a child from the top of the hill, she asks me why I’m in truck.

“We can’t find the VW.”
I say. “We think its been stolen.”

Our daughter gasps. No sooner were the words out of my mouth and our daughter looks at me and says, as I’m thinking it,

“You guys didn’t come home with the VW tonight. Remember?”

“Oh! That’s right! We left it at the garage!!”

Did I feel like a total dolt!! We took it to the garage for new tires in the morning. Both CMan and myself drove the truck home. *slaps her hand on her forehead*

At the house, CMan is waiting from the porch with the 1000 watt light and tells me as we light out of the truck,

“We took the car to the garage!”

Our daughter laughs and rolls her eyes.

It just goes to show you, you can’t leave two grown adults to their own devices because they will find some way to make it all go a muck.

That humor has carried us the entire weekend and brightened my little piece of heaven.

I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend. Don’t be shy. Tell me about that one thing that charged you up these past two days.