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We live on little piece of land in the country and on this piece of land is a small pond. It is smaller since the dirth of rain we’ve experienced this year, but small non-the-less.

Of late we have been visited by an unusual creature. Unusual for me being I have never seen one up close until my enlightening Arkansas experience.

A crane swoops down into our pond. A very large gray bird. He loves to stalk fish in our pond.

He is quite a stunning specimen if you ask me.

And big. He hunts for fish in those waters and they should be easy pickens since the water level is at half what it usually is. All the fish are collected in a small area at the bottom of that pond.

His legs are really long so he must be sanding in a couple feet of water.

See how he moves. I wish I understood how they see fish beneath that murky surface.

Ah ha! Caught something.

I am amazed at the creatures that flock to our little piece of heaven.