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The Best Cat-Sitter Ever


Recently one our female cats had a litter of kittens. But, like most mama cats, she hid them very well. They finally grew up enough to be playing in a spot where I can see them. That makes them fair game for the people mama to scarf them up and man-handle them to little pieces.

When Cooper found out what caught my attention, he wanted a good look at it too. When he saw those those little fluffy bodies all he wanted to do was lick on them and play. I feared for the little things and made sure it was really short visit with as little mauling as possible.

The next day we bring those little buggers into the house, I put them in his pet bed in the big chair. He hops up there with them and starts a very different behavior from any he’s portrayed. He nuzzles their little bodies and maneuvers around the little bed to keep them from leaving the area.

He uses his body to block any progress.

He is such a hoot to watch in action. You do realize, Cooper is still a puppy himself? To see him mother these little fellows is entertaining.

He is such a rag-a-muffin.

He doesn’t take his eyes off of them. If he does, that little black one escapes. She’s a pill I tell you. Adventuresome and bold.

They’re starting to scatter a bit here.

And don’t let those little innocent faces fool you. They’ll as soon jump ship as look at you.

Now for the whole scenario on live action.

He just wants to play and love those little fellows. Note the black kitten perched on the edge of the chair… She’ll jump as sure as she can get a chance. Amazing to me is how gentle Cooper is with them.

I’d love to hear about your pet’s antics. Drop me a note.

Thanks for peeking into this little slice of heaven.


New Babies of the Kitten Variety


We have all sorts of animals at our house. And to add to the variety, they are an assortment of ages.

We have a few litters of kittens!

They are so darling too. There is only so much a body can say about kittens. Pictures say a thousand words.


This mama found a nice cozy spot in the hay.

I had reeeeaach in there to grab hold of these darlins.

I like searching out those little eyes in the dark.

There they are!

Then there is this mama, who casually keeps the tiny creatures in the tall grass.

She is so laid back out there. I would be afraid a fox or something would pose a threat to her kittens. Not Bella. She nestles herself in amongst the grass and weeds and won’t be bothered about the predatory world around her.

Those kittens look pretty darned comfortable. Not a care in the world. They are scrumptious too. I could eat them up!

We cannot forget the newest addition to our family. I mean he really is a family member.

He is the king of it all too. Gotta love that ole Cooper.

This all a wonderful slice of my piece of heaven.