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Where are we in this year of 2011?

The weather in my neck of the woods has been a roller-coaster of weather anomalies. Just a bit over a week ago we were buried in six inches of the white stuff and two days ago we were in short sleeves marveling at the warmth. Today…. today I have a second set of sweats over my legs because the temperature dipped into the thirties again.

I know, I know. It is still early in the season, don’t get carried away. But who can help it with such warm temps? On top of that, the uncontrollable urge to spring clean has jumped me and I battle fitting it into my schedule.

Right now we just marvel at how full the pond is….

As we in the country look forward to the warm season, we gauge the ability of a farm to weather the approaching season by water and productivity levels… all dependent on water availability. We don’t produce hay on our little niche of the world, but we do require water from the ground for human and animal consumption. Water tables are very important to those of us dependent on wells.

For the past six months the water table has been fairly low. Not dangerously, but enough that we watch and wait for rain.

If you will take a gander at this picture of the pond, disregard our friendly Blue Heron. You will see a two foot wide strip of mud along the bank of this little body of water. Above that is a swath of green where grass has taken hold in the absence of water. Our fall did not bring the expected amounts of rain, thus lowering the water table some what.

Well, all that changed when snow blows into our fair state and deposits record amounts in our back yard.

Voila! A full pond.

The water hugs the bank with a foot of growing room. Spring will surely drop that much on us.

Of course all this talk of spring means the garden needs to be tilled up and planted soon. C-Man pulled the dead grass from the area last weekend and plans a full-fledged assault this weekend. He also has plans for deer deterrent. Lets hope it works. We were visited by SEVEN does the other evening. They know where their bread is buttered.

That is all from my little piece of heaven.




We live on little piece of land in the country and on this piece of land is a small pond. It is smaller since the dirth of rain we’ve experienced this year, but small non-the-less.

Of late we have been visited by an unusual creature. Unusual for me being I have never seen one up close until my enlightening Arkansas experience.

A crane swoops down into our pond. A very large gray bird. He loves to stalk fish in our pond.

He is quite a stunning specimen if you ask me.

And big. He hunts for fish in those waters and they should be easy pickens since the water level is at half what it usually is. All the fish are collected in a small area at the bottom of that pond.

His legs are really long so he must be sanding in a couple feet of water.

See how he moves. I wish I understood how they see fish beneath that murky surface.

Ah ha! Caught something.

I am amazed at the creatures that flock to our little piece of heaven.