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Communications From the Past


In our traveling to Alabama in March we opted for the route not on the beaten trail. We took the former main road, which traced the same route as the railroad. In the past, telephone lines were erected to follow the railroad as well. As we traveled, I couldn’t help notice the old communications lines as they remained draped along their poles the entire route. The difference in the old lines from the new ones is the growth of vines gracing the old telephone poles, not to mention the broken cables . The old wooden poles with their cross beams have become unwilling trellises to predatory vines and weeds.

I realize these are unattractive and bland in color, but spring has not yet sprung as these were taken.

This is a perfect example of old versus new.

The growth just consumes the old pole. I’m sure it is totally obscured now with the green leaves present.

I know this is silly, but the old poles fascinate me. I love looking for the insulators, they have such a touch of nostalgia about them.

I have discovered there is a world of collectors of insulators. I understand. Those small glass pieces are mesmerizing. They are sturdy and solid, and the desire to feel its weight in my hand draws me to them – hence all the photos(I have tons more in my library).

The comical thing to me is that the wires and insulators, even the wooden poles were left to remain for nature to capture. It is almost sad.

A small piece of heaven from the road less traveled.


I just wanted to share a piece of nostalgia