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What Are We Wearing?


This little post is only a prelude to the next. I had to address a tiny issue in these pictures.

Can anyone tell me what this child is wearing?

She is carving a pumpkin, yes. But does this task require special attire? Has she taken the goolish season so literally that she must immerse herself into the festivities with such ardent enthusiasm?

A closer look reveals its shinier aspects. It could be fashionable, even.

Perhaps she is developing a ritual costume for pumpkin carving.

Is this her attempt at nouveaux fashion?

She might be trying to impress a friend.

Though he doesn’t require any encouragement.

Maybe she is trying to match his look. Black top.

A plastic sack is as appealing on this child as any other top to her friend.

Oh wait! That IS a plastic sack, isn’t it?

I know. This is her attempt to protect herself from those flying seeds and pumpkin strings released in the process of pumpkin slaughter.

She did a great job. Will show you later.

I love her ingenuity and creative nature and, as her mother, have to brag on it.

She is just my little piece of heaven today.