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Kids! Have you seen these?


One of the additions to our farm this summer was a set of twins. They are baby goats! These are the first babies of their kind we have ever had on our farm and they are such joys to watch.

One is a buck and the other a ewe. The sire is a full blood Boer goat and the mama is a Nubian, a milk goat variety. These little guys are so full of frisk watching them will coax a smile out of you whether you want to or not. Believe me, you have to try it.

This is just a simple picture of the feeling they give you. They are only a couple weeks old here, so they are no bigger than our full-grown shitsu. Easily caught at this age, they are no different from babes. Hence the expression on the girls face. They just make a body happy!

And to watch them hound their poor mama to nurse is amusing. But not quite as entertaining as watching them actually nurse. They grow so fast they are on their knees to reach the teets now, but here they just bend a lot. These two go after milk voraciously. To watch this in action, though, really makes a body smile.

They wag those little tails like crazy. Back and forth, back and forth they flick in a furry blur. It is so cute.

Close up of the female, whom I have tentatively named Rosie. She has a wide stripe on her nose… in horses we call this a blaze. Not sure how to refer to it in goats. I am still a novice when it comes to goats.

The male has a narrower stripe. He is growing faster than Rosie, by the way. So fascinating to them mature.

And there is this last picture of unmitigated pleasure these funny little things can instill in any unsuspecting human.

So fun and fabulous! Baby goats … aka kids.

What came into your life this summer?

Another tidbit from my little piece of heaven.


Meet Colonel Frank


Whew!! I should be flogged for blog abandonment. It’s been a whopping four months since I last posted anything here. May the blog floggers not hunt me down with chastisement and punishment for my neglect. The summer was busy and filled with writing and other blogging and writing and a book release and family stuff
which I will blog about soon (because I have so many pictures to share).

Part of the delay is due to restoring this hard drive. When I wiped it clean I had to reload all the programs I had on it originally. That took some time. I was fast at work writing a couple of stories and doing family things. Evidently I don’t multitask the same as I used to. I finally put my Photoshop program on here and figured out how to load the actions I had once again. (That turned out to be sooo much more complicated than I remember the first time I did it.)

So, to catch up. Our new foal arrived in April and by June I started taking more pictures of the little guy. He is growing into a beauty.

I need to mention we finally agreed on a name for this little colt. He is called Colonel Frank, in memory of my dad whose name was Frank and whose rank in the Air Force was Lt. Colonel. This little guy has all the class and heart of my dad. May he fly as skillfully and tactfully as Dad flew those jets in the sky. And be just as fast!

And can this colt run. He loves to put speed in those long spindly legs. What a kick we get out of watching him run.
My husband has him acclimating to the trailer and he is a big boy now wearing a halter as any horse facing training should. Most impressive though is his gentle nature. After learning biting is an unacceptable behavior, Colonel nudges gently and doesn’t try to push against you. My hubby taught him very well.

Here is this week’s peek at our little piece of heaven. There are so many more things I want to share. I just hope I can get to them. There are so many great pictures in this hard drive.