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Prom – The Highlight of Senior Year


This year is Catboy’s last year in high school. He also is dating an absolutely charming girl who brings out the best in him. He couldn’t have found a better friend. This past Saturday was the Senior prom for these two. After last year’s disaster of a date, he really hadn’t planned on attempting the dance again…. until he met THE girl. Her boyfriend last year didn’t take her to the Prom and CB couldn’t let her leave HS without the paramount experience of a formal dance and dinner. In the process he found himself immensely entertained and the experience more than enjoyable.

All of Saturday was used in preparation for the evening’s festivities. The epitome of the day for us parents was when all the students descended upon one of the college’s campus for picture of our babies making the transition from adolescence to semi-adulthood. We took hundreds of pictures in various picturesque locations taking a good hour and a half of our time. It was pretty fun to see our little boys and girls looking so grow up.

Of course, our daughter is in the mix. I always take pictures of everybody.

And of course, how could I ever forget my little Cooper?

I have to say my daughter admonished me for taking pictures of her and Cooper instead of the people of the hour. I can’t help it. I was bored with the formal wear and yearned for the home spun look.

But then we changed venues and my interest perked up again.

These are some of her friends.

The boys and the girls all together. For a bunch of nonprofessional mom’s, we came up with some creative poses for all these kids.

I just can’t leave out the little mop. I think he’s such a cutie. He was so bored with all the picture taking of anyone other than himself. He is a ham, can’t you tell?

Then the kids got into a limo to go eat. They were so grown up and not our little ones anymore.

All tucked into that car looking so pretty and adult.

Dinner was a blast as well as the dance. They didn’t even stay out all night like we did, thank goodness. I know a tale of some terrible experience… like last years prom would probably catch more interest, but I’m in the mood for calm and sedate after taking pictures with fifty other parents and twice that many kids. It was exhausting. You had to be there to know it.

Thanks for letting me share another little piece of my heaven. I’d love to hear about your prom goers experiences this year or in the past.


My Own James Bond


This weekend was THE weekend.

We experienced the Junior Prom for our 17 year old son – vicariously of course. The tux has been on reserve for a month and we finally picked it up. This kid has never seen a suit, let alone a tuxedo. All the different parts intrigued him… and rattled him simultaneously.

I finally got him into it before I took off for work that evening. This is a special showing for mom because he doesn’t pick up his date for another hour. I took shots to preserve this moment for history. It’s a good thing, too. Because his account of the event leaves us to believe it’ll be cold day in hell before he puts himself through that again.

As the mom, and a proud one at that, I think he cuts a striking figure in a tux.

I kick myself for the shadow. Attributed to my state of half sleep from the nap I had just awakened from.

This is the nonchalant pose. (again the shadow)

And then we have a more direct view.

He reminds me of my favorite secret agent guy. (wink)

Later that evening, home and safe off the streets on a Saturday evening, he divulges that the tie strangled him and he really couldn’t dance and he just stood around and watched a lot. Unfortunately these events are really for the sake of the girls.

I’m just happy he experienced the Prom. If he never goes again, he will at least know what he’s missing. If he does go next year, it will be for a special girl.

Just sporting a little pride in my little piece of heaven today.

Thanks for sharing it with me.