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My Own James Bond


This weekend was THE weekend.

We experienced the Junior Prom for our 17 year old son – vicariously of course. The tux has been on reserve for a month and we finally picked it up. This kid has never seen a suit, let alone a tuxedo. All the different parts intrigued him… and rattled him simultaneously.

I finally got him into it before I took off for work that evening. This is a special showing for mom because he doesn’t pick up his date for another hour. I took shots to preserve this moment for history. It’s a good thing, too. Because his account of the event leaves us to believe it’ll be cold day in hell before he puts himself through that again.

As the mom, and a proud one at that, I think he cuts a striking figure in a tux.

I kick myself for the shadow. Attributed to my state of half sleep from the nap I had just awakened from.

This is the nonchalant pose. (again the shadow)

And then we have a more direct view.

He reminds me of my favorite secret agent guy. (wink)

Later that evening, home and safe off the streets on a Saturday evening, he divulges that the tie strangled him and he really couldn’t dance and he just stood around and watched a lot. Unfortunately these events are really for the sake of the girls.

I’m just happy he experienced the Prom. If he never goes again, he will at least know what he’s missing. If he does go next year, it will be for a special girl.

Just sporting a little pride in my little piece of heaven today.

Thanks for sharing it with me.




Where are we in this year of 2011?

The weather in my neck of the woods has been a roller-coaster of weather anomalies. Just a bit over a week ago we were buried in six inches of the white stuff and two days ago we were in short sleeves marveling at the warmth. Today…. today I have a second set of sweats over my legs because the temperature dipped into the thirties again.

I know, I know. It is still early in the season, don’t get carried away. But who can help it with such warm temps? On top of that, the uncontrollable urge to spring clean has jumped me and I battle fitting it into my schedule.

Right now we just marvel at how full the pond is….

As we in the country look forward to the warm season, we gauge the ability of a farm to weather the approaching season by water and productivity levels… all dependent on water availability. We don’t produce hay on our little niche of the world, but we do require water from the ground for human and animal consumption. Water tables are very important to those of us dependent on wells.

For the past six months the water table has been fairly low. Not dangerously, but enough that we watch and wait for rain.

If you will take a gander at this picture of the pond, disregard our friendly Blue Heron. You will see a two foot wide strip of mud along the bank of this little body of water. Above that is a swath of green where grass has taken hold in the absence of water. Our fall did not bring the expected amounts of rain, thus lowering the water table some what.

Well, all that changed when snow blows into our fair state and deposits record amounts in our back yard.

Voila! A full pond.

The water hugs the bank with a foot of growing room. Spring will surely drop that much on us.

Of course all this talk of spring means the garden needs to be tilled up and planted soon. C-Man pulled the dead grass from the area last weekend and plans a full-fledged assault this weekend. He also has plans for deer deterrent. Lets hope it works. We were visited by SEVEN does the other evening. They know where their bread is buttered.

That is all from my little piece of heaven.


Happy Valentine’s Day


This particular day is really one we don’t celebrate at our house. I know. As a romance writer that is the most absurd thing to say. It is just that we are each others best friend, lover and soul mate and the idea of Valentine’s Day should prevail throughout our relationship every day. Each day should reflect how we feel about each other. He buys me beautiful things throughout the year. I feel special all the time.

He doesn’t like it when I buy things for him, though. I still manage to sneak a couple of items past him unawares any way.

Those tangible things we give each other are sweet, but I want to feel the palm of his hand against my hand, his fingers tangled in mine. I enjoy the brush of his lips over mine. I love having his arms surround me and crush me against his chest. It is solid and assuring and grounds me. Those things always make me feel loved.

When the physical stuff is over, there is food. My shortcoming is preparing food for those I love. I love to cook. Anyone following this blog would know that. The tastier the morsel, the happier I am. C-Man has a bone to pick with me, though, if I indulge in too many sweet recipes.

So I will leave it to this little blog today to let everyone know how dear they are to me.

To all of you …. I love you all and thank you for enriching my life.


River Visit


Today is the first day in almost a month where the sun actually shone, lending warmth and joy to the day. Ahhh… a hint of spring. It inspires and strengthens and spurs us to break out of our shells and enlarge our worlds.

Today is that sort of day. Regardless the winter drab draping the trees and the brown grass that is finally exposed after the six inches of snow covering the ground here for three days. Our day trip, if you can call it that, sent us to Toad Suck Park and the river dam.

This is a perfect opportunity to catch the world through the lens of my camera. I found so much more than I’d dreamed.

This is the Arkansas River closest to our home.

This is a good look at the dam/lock. Boats have to go through the lock to move up or down the river.

Sort of ordinary, but we encountered a lot of … birds.

Sea gulls of all things. They are after those little morsels churned up by the dam.

They like to soar though.

Then there are other things I love to see.

She just got her braces this week and she is still lovely.

Then the birds distract me once again. There is a white gull tucked into all that winter foliage. See if you can pick it out.

The colors of the season are still so dark and gray, but the sunshine gives us such hope for spring.

This is a part of my little piece of heaven and I am so happy to share it with you.


The Last Winter


Today was the (hopefully) last bout of snow we will experience here in central Arkansas. It is without a doubt the most we’ve had at one time. At lease five inches are on the ground. Since my husband spent the day away, this serves as a small chronicle for him.

Snow started early after sun up. It didn’t take long for the horses to collect a thin layer of snow on their backs.

Thirty minutes later more snow accumulates…

…. and some more…..

And it just keeps coming down thicker ….

Then it just gets thicker and you can’t see a thing.

Then we have near white out conditions.

So, long into the day my daughter ventures into the snow mess.

Then she tried the other hill with the snow board.

Standing isn’t working well so she decides to lie down and give it a try.

Then we have this beautiful winter tree. Just love the way the snow sticks to it.

And then we have the aftermath around the farm…

My chickens didn’t leave the coop most of the day.

Then we have a foot print in the snow. Can you see the depth of it? It is about 5 inches deep.

This really was a wonderland in my little piece of heaven.




Winter progresses in Arkansas. Just a few days ago we experienced spring-like weather in our neck of the woods. Misty moisture hung heavy in the air, the day remaining gray and warm. The weather change threw everyone’s climate clock off kilter, and I’m not talking solely about people either.

Our little place is marauded regularly by the local deer population and Sunday is no different.

First they ease in from the wooded side…..

…sniffing out the territory, checking us out….

Next thing you know, more show up.

We are looking at a snippet of five does total. The diminished light and camera setting, not to mention their natural camouflage, makes it hard to get them all on film.

So they just ease across the open space. No cares in the world.

They keep coming… Until they locate the garden area. Of course they hunt the garden. Great source of food, you know.

And they blend in to the coloring you can hardly see them.

This means the spring planting will have to be protected! They are on the hunt for my plants and we haven’t even planted yet. Of course they are fooled by the warm weather, but it warns us to be prepared.

All of you in deer populated territories, be prepared. They will eat it all before you can get a leaf out of the dirt.

Just as word of warning from my little piece of heaven.

That is all.