Riley’s Birthday


March 20th was Riley’s 2nd birthday! This year we made the trip to Memphis to his birthday party.


He can’t figure out who I am. The absent grandma.

The weather was beautiful, breezy but beautiful.


We all came to celebrate, Grandma Sheila and Ben too!


And of course… Kelly.


Just an impromptu family picture.



Riley’s favorite super hero is Spiderman. He calls him “Parker” because Spiderman’s real name is Peter Parker. His mama and daddy had an all Spidey birthday party.

He’s licking the frosting off Spiderman.



He loved that spidey thing.


Dad unpacked a lot of clothes. This got Riley’s attention because it looks like a light saber. It’s really a tube of bubbles!


The little frog captured his attention too. It’s the simple things in life.


The most fun of all is this Spiderman shirt!! Now he can be the hero!



The life-size Darth Vader stole the show, though. Totally cool. It struck Dad’s fancy, on the nose.


Then Kelly pulled out the bubbles had all the kids chasing those shiny, iridescent globes floating through the air. You know how toddlers are. Shiny… floaty… They chased bubbles with such unfailing energy. I had a blast watching it all.



It seems Kelly didn’t get enough of creek wading when she was little. So in she went. She never ceases to surprise me. I thought she was past this stage. (rolls eyes)


Nice picturesque little stream inside the city.


We had a blast topped off with cake and ice cream. It was a great visit with our son and daughter-in law after the birthday boy conked out. Great way to end a great day.

Hope you all enjoy your families in every way.

Thanks for sharing in a little slice of my heaven.


Good Times


To my shame I forgot all about writing this post. Lifeinteruptus caught me up in its vortex. (That will be in another blog.)

In October my daughter and I took a day for girl’s night out. We had a blast!! We went to Luke Bryan’s Dirt Road Diaries tour. It must be said… we are huge country music fans and Luke Bryan is the guy whose song dragged me into the country genre. (I was a closet classical music fanatic for a long time.) When I heard “I don’t want this night to end” I was hooked. There is a line in the song… “You’ve got your hands up, you’re rocking in my truck…” that threw me back in time to my 18-year-old self. I remember doing that. It is a powerful memory.

At any rate, we made this a girls night out. We started with an excellent meal at a local Italian spot. It has a top rate atmosphere, especially on the porch where we braved the fall breezes.


Whoops! Wine. Drinking with my minor… It was a tasty Moscato. An excellent



Sorry. Just like to put this girl up. She dresses up any place. Though this spot was fun all by itself.


A selfie is in order here… barely. Probably the influence of the wine.

My hubby insisted we indulge in a great place to spend the night. Great room with a view of the Arkansas River.


Us actually at the concert… this is the last shot of either of us because our attention is consumed by music. (The pictures stink because they are off my cell phone, by small camera died two days before this event.)


First on is Florida Georgia Line… awesomeness in pants.


Next on is Thompson Square.



And then comes Luke…






We sang every song. Really it was more like bellowed out every song, but it was so much fun. The music just goes right through you.


This barely taps into the vibrance and thrill of all that music. Needless to say, we could barely hear when we got out and it took a while to wind down to finally sleep. T-shirts, expensive as they are, attest to the night and the fun.

Thanks for enduring the shoddy pics as you share in this little slice of HEAVEN.


Homecoming 2013


Here I go again. *rolls eyes*

Warning! This post includes too many pictures of my offspring dressed up and made up to be so pretty.

A few weeks ago Homecoming took place. My kiddo wasn’t even sure she was going this year until about two before the event. That meant a frantic search for a sweet little dress with all the requirements. It took us exactly and hour to storm the few shops in our local town to find nothing to fit the bill. Another three-hour search of the internet finally yielded the dress with the right style and the perfect flouncy skirt. The color wasn’t perfect, but we were scraping the bottom of the barrel since time was so late. It is the best dress ever!


And then there is her date… very nice young man.


A close up….




I’m a silly mom…


I have to get a full shot of this backdrop. This is an old house on a property close to the fella’s home. It has wonderful charisma.


This was the nicest Homecoming, according to the girl. Even her beau had a good time. By the way, this is dressed up for him. He’s a good ol’ boy and more comfortable in a worn pair of jeans and a familiar tee-shirt… and the hat, of course.

This is the latest piece of my heaven. Enjoy!!




We have embarked on an entirely new adventure at our house. Our girl discovered an age-old sport.


And she loves it! She finally found her sport niche and this girl is going after it like a dog with a bone. Even better…. she’s pretty darned good at it too.


She started hitting the ball around with her dad this past spring, him giving her pointers. (This is one of his big sports. He played great tennis in his day.) While at the school tennis courts one Sunday a woman gave us the number of a local tennis coach holding lessons in the near future. That started the ball rolling and it hasn’t stopped yet.

To give her some practice she started just hitting the ball against the back board and hitting balls off the porch into the pasture. That gives picking up balls a whole new meaning… hunting for tennis balls in the grass ain’t a piece of cake. You have to be devoted to go through that.

Dad bought her a ball machine shortly after that. You should have seen the improvement with that little gem! She went to the local lessons, tried out for the high school tennis team and made it (not an insurmountable feat in football country).




This summer she took lessons and went to workshops and this fall she played tournaments. Her path to improvement is remarkable and exhilarating because….


We are so proud of her.

Instrument in her improvement is this gentleman. He has been teaching and coaching her the past few weeks. His gentle encouragement has made her grow and flourish as a tennis player. Thank you Bill.


We just want to say… go baby girl!!


This is the latest installment of my little piece of heaven. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


Finally! I Have Some Veggies


This summer I stepped out on that limb and planted tomatoes and stuff. The past few years have been an effort in futility when it came to gardening. If the weather didn’t fry our plants in the scorching heat, the deer decimated the scrumptious, tender leaves of young plants. If a plant managed to make it past those disasters, the rabbits or turtles took their toll on the low hanging fruit.

This year is the best summer in years!

This is our one row of beans (because I was too wary to invest more beans and time into a gamble).


My ingenious hubby came up with this design to keep the deer out. This and some coyote urine keeps our garden off the deer radar. As a result, along with plentiful rain, we have a bumper crop of green beans!



These plants are still putting blooms on too… more beans.


I’ve picked at least ten pounds of beans from this little row!! I’m amazed.

We have a couple of cantaloupes and lots of gorgeous cucumbers!



Not to mention tomatoes…


… and awesome peppers…


I took these pictures a couple weeks ago. The plants are even more proliferative now.

We have had beans with potatoes every weekend for the past three weeks. The tomatoes have made into outstanding spaghetti sauce as well as spanish rice seasoning. (I should post the recipes, me thinks.)

Thanks for sharing in our small slice of productivity and my little piece of heaven.




During my time off I also had the opportunity to take some awesome pictures of my youngest. The time of day was perfect, she was perfect and the camera worked pretty darned well. I must confess, she had been after me to do this for some time. They turned out beautiful.

Just have to post a few…





… this:
Kelly 7

How about this…

Kelly 5

This is for her dad…

For Dad

And then this one…

Kelly 6

I had so much fun taking these. Thank goodness for digital cameras. The feedback is instantaneous and the number of takes almost unlimited!

Kelly 9

Kelly 8

That concludes one little slice of heaven for today.


Working Vacation


This summer I indulged in a TWO WEEK vacation. I’ve never taken that much time off at one slot. I never had the hours to do it. My work schedule is so agreeable, I rarely have to take a day off to attend to family issues. I love that. That means vacation hours accrue and accrue and I have the time to use them when needed.

This year my plan was to reorganize the closet in the house. It sounds simple, but reality is a task involving a good part of a week. Mixed into this free time is the fact that Catboy underwent knee surgery the week before. and I needed to take him to several appointments. The timing couldn’t have been better. Poor kid gimped around as his sister and I ran circles around him.

We had Rubbermaid shelves erected into the closet, organizing the mess so beautifully. We used their Configurations product.
The learning curve to erect one wall took a couple of hours, but once it was up we had the process down. I ordered another wall to get here a couple days later. Before we knew it, it was erected with little effort.

Our closet was transformed.

The next week I cleaned out the shed. I pitched so much junk. Sold and gave away all the big bulky stuff so we can walk inside the thing. I feel like a free spirit! Whee! All the family photo albums have a safe place in the shed instead of the barn. This was harder to do than the closet. My helper had tennis camp all week and the other helper was only good for moral support. But I did it! It’s all done and I got the house all cleaned up before my sister and nephew arrived.

Liz and Sean Ragan:


This was the first visit my sister ever made to my house. We’ve seen each other other places, but never at my home. Our house is a little unconventional and I didn’t want to give her a bad impression. We had a great visit.

And we have to have a group picture. Even Aaron came to visit this weekend.


Here is just us girls:


Great conclusion to my working vacation.

Hope you all have a more relaxing vacation than I did, but just as rewarding.

Thanks for sharing my little piece of heaven.