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Baby Kids


Our little farm has two new additions. I knew they were coming, but I didn’t know they were so close. Mama had them like a pro. This is her fourth set of kids, so she has had a good deal of practice.

They are so new steam is still rising off their little bodies. They were all long spindly legs and loud baby bleats.


And toooo cute! The dark headed one is a male and the light-headed one is female. I haven’t named them yet. If you have a suggestion I’m open. No preconceived impressions. They are really scrumptious and soft and cuddly. Because I have cuddled them and they like being held. They are born with a thick, warm layer of hair.


Here’s the little guy. He was up and eating in a heart beat and he looks like he’ll be growing faster than little missy. ‘Cuz he beats her to the mama every time.


She started out with weak little legs. I worried she wouldn’t be able to eat.  That didn’t stop me from jumping in there and holding her so she could eat. Amazing, how quickly she regained her strength. She wobbled all over the place for a day, but it didn’t keep her from eating. I love the determination of new life!

Babies are always a joy. Thanks for sharing in this little piece of heaven.



P.S. I’m looking for names. Leave your suggestions in a comment!




Festival Of Lights – and Happy Things


We just wrapped up the the Channukah season.


Ben passed his first semester at the big school. He was overjoyed. He came home for the four days Walmart hadn’t scheduled him to work. We worked him hard, watched movies and let him talk our ears off. And we fed him the Thanksgiving dinner he missed and sent him back with half the turkey meat. Eat on young buck!!

I loved having him around.

At the same time my daughter did a favor for a friend. She took in their little puppy for the short time they went out of town. The friend couldn’t believe her mom and dad were on board with it. A puppy? A not house broken, up in the middle of the night, cute as a button and more baby dog.


Who could say no to that little face? Meet Chicken.

No that isn’t a typo. The little girl who owns him calls him Chicken. No idea why, but he really knows his name after a week at my house. He comes when you call him. Comes running with kisses and sharp toothed little puppy nips. Small and full of life and wiggles all soft and cuddly. And when he comes he jingles, because around his neck hangs a little bell. That’s because he can disappear like a roach and we need to be able to find him. “tinkle, tinkle, tinkle”


Gahhh, I’m such a sap. We loved having him.

We didn’t dare let him off that leash outdoors. Chicken thought the grass was a play field in which he could run, and run, and run, and run. That little dog could run fast for something with such short stubby little legs, too. Cooper raced after him the last time he got away and side-swiped him for me, tumbling him end over end. The little thing rolled and lost his bearings enough he laid on his back, puppy paws in the air, long enough for me to scoop him up.


Chicken is also now a traveling pup. He loved looking out the window as the miles flew by. If he wasn’t somebody else’s little guy, we’d have kept him for good.

Cooper might have had something to say about that, though. He spent the afternoons keeping out of Chicken’s reach. That meant sitting on the edge of the bed where stubby little puppy feet couldn’t gain enough purchase to climb up.

Then when Chicken went home, the house silent of his little bell, Cooper laid around looking rather depressed. After all those evasive maneuvers to keep out of Chicken reach, I thought Cooper would be glad to have the house and us to himself. Evidently even bothersome puppies can endear themselves to older canines…

… and old men. My husband misses ole Chicken.


This lovely distraction is just what my tired brain needs. A rest from the book that doesn’t seem to want to be finished and shot of pure puppy joy. It’s what we all need.

Happy Holidays to all. I hope all your wishes come true. I know mine have in my little piece of heaven.


Kids! Have you seen these?


One of the additions to our farm this summer was a set of twins. They are baby goats! These are the first babies of their kind we have ever had on our farm and they are such joys to watch.

One is a buck and the other a ewe. The sire is a full blood Boer goat and the mama is a Nubian, a milk goat variety. These little guys are so full of frisk watching them will coax a smile out of you whether you want to or not. Believe me, you have to try it.

This is just a simple picture of the feeling they give you. They are only a couple weeks old here, so they are no bigger than our full-grown shitsu. Easily caught at this age, they are no different from babes. Hence the expression on the girls face. They just make a body happy!

And to watch them hound their poor mama to nurse is amusing. But not quite as entertaining as watching them actually nurse. They grow so fast they are on their knees to reach the teets now, but here they just bend a lot. These two go after milk voraciously. To watch this in action, though, really makes a body smile.

They wag those little tails like crazy. Back and forth, back and forth they flick in a furry blur. It is so cute.

Close up of the female, whom I have tentatively named Rosie. She has a wide stripe on her nose… in horses we call this a blaze. Not sure how to refer to it in goats. I am still a novice when it comes to goats.

The male has a narrower stripe. He is growing faster than Rosie, by the way. So fascinating to them mature.

And there is this last picture of unmitigated pleasure these funny little things can instill in any unsuspecting human.

So fun and fabulous! Baby goats … aka kids.

What came into your life this summer?

Another tidbit from my little piece of heaven.


Meet Colonel Frank


Whew!! I should be flogged for blog abandonment. It’s been a whopping four months since I last posted anything here. May the blog floggers not hunt me down with chastisement and punishment for my neglect. The summer was busy and filled with writing and other blogging and writing and a book release and family stuff
which I will blog about soon (because I have so many pictures to share).

Part of the delay is due to restoring this hard drive. When I wiped it clean I had to reload all the programs I had on it originally. That took some time. I was fast at work writing a couple of stories and doing family things. Evidently I don’t multitask the same as I used to. I finally put my Photoshop program on here and figured out how to load the actions I had once again. (That turned out to be sooo much more complicated than I remember the first time I did it.)

So, to catch up. Our new foal arrived in April and by June I started taking more pictures of the little guy. He is growing into a beauty.

I need to mention we finally agreed on a name for this little colt. He is called Colonel Frank, in memory of my dad whose name was Frank and whose rank in the Air Force was Lt. Colonel. This little guy has all the class and heart of my dad. May he fly as skillfully and tactfully as Dad flew those jets in the sky. And be just as fast!

And can this colt run. He loves to put speed in those long spindly legs. What a kick we get out of watching him run.
My husband has him acclimating to the trailer and he is a big boy now wearing a halter as any horse facing training should. Most impressive though is his gentle nature. After learning biting is an unacceptable behavior, Colonel nudges gently and doesn’t try to push against you. My hubby taught him very well.

Here is this week’s peek at our little piece of heaven. There are so many more things I want to share. I just hope I can get to them. There are so many great pictures in this hard drive.


Welcome Our New Baby!


It has finally arrived! We have a new colt. After four days of intense watching for the tell-tale signs of labor she finally had the little rascal.

Her projected due date was Apr 18. By that day her udder sac was full and her teets started waxing over. That is a thin film of milk that leaks out and forms a dry layer resembling wax. The wax thickens and eventually gives way to dripping the closer we get to foaling. Well, after four nights of checking her every couple of hours, we were wiped. I should state that my husband did most of the checking and was thus more exhausted than me.

We put her up in the birthing stall every night and took her out during the day. No change at all. Just an extremely large mare standing quietly in place for a few days. That last day, by the end of the day, the sun sinking into the west, the mare started pacing. Not a normal behavior for this mare over the past few days. Then she would stand perfectly still and stare at the house. Then she’d pace again. Then stop and stare again.

After checking her all day and seeing no further progress, I was doubtful she’d have the little guy that night. She walked to the gate leading to the stall, looked at us, looked at the stall. My husband knew she needed to be put up. Seconds after she entered that stall she started the delivery. It took all of fifteen minutes!

Here is the first sight of the little fellow. His legs aren’t out of mama yet. He was trying to stand even!! This horse is a strong one.

Here he is when we went back out after twenty minutes. By this time the sun has set and that is the spot light shining on him.

Then the next morning we can make out his coloring with clarity. This is our second dark-haired foal after grays, and chestnuts.

Awww and very foal-like.

They had their first foray into the world last night. Mama took her time getting baby out of the safety of the stall to the hard pack of the turnout pen.

As you can see, he is all spindly legs.

He stays close to mama as she eats. She doesn’t let him out of her sight.

After only fifteen minutes, this little fellow starts falling asleep! His head is bowing and his eyes are really shut.

We are so happy our little horse is well and beautiful. Thank you for sharing in our joy. I’ll keep you all posted

That is today’s nugget from this piece of heaven.


Garvan Woodland Gardens


This weekend we enjoyed the beauty that is truly Arkansas. We walked through Garvan Gardens on a glorious spring day.

Before nature, we had to make a stop at the go carts.

This was a whole family affair. Even our ever loving Cooper got to enjoy the scenery.

This place has numerous waterfalls of all sizes.

So picturesque and peaceful.

See what I mean.

Azaleas are in bloom and with them the butterflies.

Just another breathtaking sight. I like the little girl there too.

A young family was good enough to take all our pictures together. I rarely get in the shot, you know.

This just makes me wonder where it will lead. My mind goes off in tangents with sights like this.

Another intriguing view with the same girl. Hmmm. She is just so captivating.

A girl and her dog. How did that get in there?

The boy and his girl. So peaceful in the shadow of those trees.

Even Cooper was pooped. That was a lot of walking for those stubby little legs.

That was how we spent our Saturday in my little piece of heaven. I’d love to hear how you spent yours.


Day at the Races Cont’d


Because I’m such a photo hog and took so many great shots at the races, I will subject my few followers to another round of snap shots from the race track. I know I am merciless, just ask my kids.

This is the second race and this horse is my favorite pick of the win. I believe I chose this horse because of the jockey on board. He is a well know jockey and rarely rides a loser.

And he is a winner!

The winner’s circle invites all sorts of people have nothing to do with the horse or its training. They just want a picture with a winner.

This horse is from the third race. I picked this for a win because of his breeding.

The start of race three.

The field passed the eighth pole.

….and here is my horse in the final stretch. He is showing his heart here. Go baby go.

I love to see all the pony horses lined up. You won’t believe how many of these I have in my files. Choosing these few was no easy task.

This is a horse from the last race. Unfortunately I saw this fellow AFTER we placed our bets, because I love the look of this horse and I am a sucker to bet any beautiful grey to win.

Here comes that field and look who’s out front.

And here is the winner! This horse went wire to wire. Start to finish. Great race, but my horse did not win after that stupendous finish!

The winner!

That was a great race to watch.

Thank you for indulging me in my horse fetish.


Our Best Friend


I have to extol the glories of having a best friend in a small dog. I never imagined I’d be one of THEM. One of those people who look lovingly after every little quirk and cute look his littleness does. I am a sap and that’s all there is to it. This little mutt has endeared himself to us in ways I never dreamed possible. He lives in the house, demanding the same privileges as one of our kids, which he gets without hesitation. He gets his own place to sit, which is anywhere he wants.

Cooper learned early to beg for people food when my husband generously shared his first morsel with him. The little fellow now bounds onto C-Man’s lap with the first sight of a snack in Dad’s hand. That also means he follows me to the kitchen knowing I will inadvertently drop scraps to the floor for him to scarf up. Not on purpose mind you. If I want him to have something special the little guy gets a scrambled egg.

Most remarkable to me is how Cooper follows me all around the house. (Not because I feed him eggs either.) I get up in the night and the little guy follows me to the bathroom. Such devotion is so astounding. Especially to one of us old cat aficionados. He is hot my heels throughout the whole house.

Our bed, the parent’s bed, is also Cooper’s bed. Every evening he scrapes together a pile of covers before he settles into a tight little ball. Before that he rubs his mouth and head all over the place and pops his head up with a perfect case of bed-head. Just a funny quirk to a former cat person.

Cooper loves the out doors. He’s too small for us allow him to roam freely… hawks and other predators around the farm you know might grab him. Not to mention his innate drive to chase the chickens with a vehemence unsurpassed by any other predator on our farm. He’s always on a leash when we go out.

He loves to run…

I love those ears flopping in the breeze. You should see all that hair flowing in the air as he runs!! He’s a sight and these pictures don’t quite do him credit.

But you can get some sort of an idea.

You can get the idea how he feels about all that running. His face says it all.

This is his favorite place to be when he’s not chasing chickens and kittens. This is our daughter’s shoulder.

Of course she adores this silly little dog.

And…. to make matters worse, we have been sucked into the dog accessories world. Check this out…

He does a perfect model stance, don’t you think? This piece of apparel is needed should the thick fluff of hair he has be too thin to keep the cold off his back. Or should it be raining so hard he might get soaked when he steps out for a sec, because it only takes a second when the weather is inclement.

We have totally bought into having an inside pet. How can such an endearing creature not give you solace and joy? How can he not wrap you around his little paw?

Oh. My. Gosh. He’s just too much.

I’d love to hear about your favorite creature, large or small. Who makes you all mushy inside and give you so much in return? Let me know.


The Best Cat-Sitter Ever


Recently one our female cats had a litter of kittens. But, like most mama cats, she hid them very well. They finally grew up enough to be playing in a spot where I can see them. That makes them fair game for the people mama to scarf them up and man-handle them to little pieces.

When Cooper found out what caught my attention, he wanted a good look at it too. When he saw those those little fluffy bodies all he wanted to do was lick on them and play. I feared for the little things and made sure it was really short visit with as little mauling as possible.

The next day we bring those little buggers into the house, I put them in his pet bed in the big chair. He hops up there with them and starts a very different behavior from any he’s portrayed. He nuzzles their little bodies and maneuvers around the little bed to keep them from leaving the area.

He uses his body to block any progress.

He is such a hoot to watch in action. You do realize, Cooper is still a puppy himself? To see him mother these little fellows is entertaining.

He is such a rag-a-muffin.

He doesn’t take his eyes off of them. If he does, that little black one escapes. She’s a pill I tell you. Adventuresome and bold.

They’re starting to scatter a bit here.

And don’t let those little innocent faces fool you. They’ll as soon jump ship as look at you.

Now for the whole scenario on live action.

He just wants to play and love those little fellows. Note the black kitten perched on the edge of the chair… She’ll jump as sure as she can get a chance. Amazing to me is how gentle Cooper is with them.

I’d love to hear about your pet’s antics. Drop me a note.

Thanks for peeking into this little slice of heaven.


Bertie the Hummingbird


I have a friend I’d like you all to meet. He disappeared from the farm for a short while, but has returned when the lady in charge filled the water feeder with a fresh batch of sugar-water. Originally I thought the heat presented a deterrent, but it wasn’t all that, it was just me not taking care of the details.

This is Bertie. He hangs around. I mean he really hangs around. He finds the wire of my flower-pot a perfect perch for hanging out.

The basket wire is in close proximity to the feeder. It’s an easy flutter to flit from the feeder to the wire and the wire to the feeder.

I think he sits here so he can keep an eye on that feeder.

He hovers…

…and sips.

And then he flits…

Bertie takes a good look at me. Amazingly I don’t freak him out too much. The camera is enough to undo any tiny creature.

He spends a loooot of time in the air.

He also samples from every hole in the feeder. He gives me a good look at his back.

And that is the newest piece of heaven from my little piece of heaven. This feeder hangs in front of the window from which I sit and write half the time. It offers me such a happy diversion. I just wanted to share it with you.