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Day at the Races Cont’d


Because I’m such a photo hog and took so many great shots at the races, I will subject my few followers to another round of snap shots from the race track. I know I am merciless, just ask my kids.

This is the second race and this horse is my favorite pick of the win. I believe I chose this horse because of the jockey on board. He is a well know jockey and rarely rides a loser.

And he is a winner!

The winner’s circle invites all sorts of people have nothing to do with the horse or its training. They just want a picture with a winner.

This horse is from the third race. I picked this for a win because of his breeding.

The start of race three.

The field passed the eighth pole.

….and here is my horse in the final stretch. He is showing his heart here. Go baby go.

I love to see all the pony horses lined up. You won’t believe how many of these I have in my files. Choosing these few was no easy task.

This is a horse from the last race. Unfortunately I saw this fellow AFTER we placed our bets, because I love the look of this horse and I am a sucker to bet any beautiful grey to win.

Here comes that field and look who’s out front.

And here is the winner! This horse went wire to wire. Start to finish. Great race, but my horse did not win after that stupendous finish!

The winner!

That was a great race to watch.

Thank you for indulging me in my horse fetish.