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More History


To continue with our foray into the past, we move into other areas of the plantation.

We now tour the school-house.

This is a one room school-house. It has everything a class room needs in the space of a small shed.

The next building is a doctor’s office. I never imagined a plantation would house a physician, but it makes sense. This was a large community with a lot of people. They all needed care. Notice the two doors on the front. One side was for blacks and the other for whites.

This in one waiting room. I marvel at the slatted walls and ceiling.

Small office/lab in the back. There are ledgers with patient results and diagnosis’ recorded. These fascinate C-Man and me as we are both employed in the medical industry.

Old obstetrical instruments. The man in this building is retired physician from the big city whose ancestor worked in that building! Cool huh?

As a laboratorian, this caught my interest.

This is the other waiting room. Looks nicer than the other one.

We move to the sharecropper’s living quarters.

And there are some of my favorite people… er, animal too.

Another tenant house.

Then we have the BIG house. This is only half of the big house I am told. It is still big and carries with it a fair amount of grandeur. This house was used by the owners only as a temporary home until the HUGE plantation house was finally built (not on this little park). When the family vacated it, it was used for the foreman’s family. The original plantation family home is down the road about 3 miles and has been restored to facilitate weddings and events.

The living area. I love the color of these walls. And again the walls are all constructed with slats. I just love seeing how people lived in the past.

The kitchen…

I have seen all these furnishings in antique stores. So nice to see them in their own settings.

The dining room…

This house has an indoor bathroom!

A couple of spacious bedrooms too.

Loved seeing that house. The cooks house was out back along with the ice house.

This lady is a woman after my heart. I cook in dutch ovens and love it. We share kindred spirits. Dutch ovens enable a body to cook anything anywhere you want. You will never be without your favorite foods.

This is another tenant house, larger that the rest.

These are butter churns. Depending on how much cream there is to be processed. The all time easiest way to make butter is by shaking a quart jar with cream.

This is the interior of the largest tenant house. These buildings house the sharecroppers’ families. The walls are lined with newspaper to keep the wind from blowing through the holes of the slats.

This house even has a kitchen in it… very extravagant. The stove in this kitchen is identical to the one C-Man bought me a few years ago. I love the old ways.

This is a shot of the holes in the floor. The floor boards don’t meet exactly and this was common in these buildings. C-Man remembers living in house like this as a very small child.

This is a luxury. To have a stove for warmth. This house has two stoves and a cooking stove.

This is a log house with a dog trot. I didn’t get a shot of the dog trot because there was a band of musicians in it. But for those of us who never heard of one, a dog trot is a breeze way in the south. During the heat of summer it is a cool respite. The air blows through the shaded area, cool and refreshing.

Loved our visit into history. Share your historical visits if you have a chance.

Thanks for visiting my little piece of heaven.