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New Babies of the Kitten Variety


We have all sorts of animals at our house. And to add to the variety, they are an assortment of ages.

We have a few litters of kittens!

They are so darling too. There is only so much a body can say about kittens. Pictures say a thousand words.


This mama found a nice cozy spot in the hay.

I had reeeeaach in there to grab hold of these darlins.

I like searching out those little eyes in the dark.

There they are!

Then there is this mama, who casually keeps the tiny creatures in the tall grass.

She is so laid back out there. I would be afraid a fox or something would pose a threat to her kittens. Not Bella. She nestles herself in amongst the grass and weeds and won’t be bothered about the predatory world around her.

Those kittens look pretty darned comfortable. Not a care in the world. They are scrumptious too. I could eat them up!

We cannot forget the newest addition to our family. I mean he really is a family member.

He is the king of it all too. Gotta love that ole Cooper.

This all a wonderful slice of my piece of heaven.