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Spring Update


Well, spring time here has taken a turn for the cold again, a plight of this section of Arkansas.

Last week was spring break for my kids. We cleaned house. YAY! And, before the temperature took another dive, we managed to get a few spring flowers in the pots while we enjoyed warm temps and sunshine. Thank goodness. That give me some meager solace against the rain and cold that has settled in over the weekend.

At this moment darkened skies boarder the horizons on all faces, threatening another round of thunderstorms. The two dominate male cats at our house are duking it out at the moment. Hair balls hang from their mouths and fur is ruffled in fury. And the dog is going crazy at their frenzied exchange.

Two of our female cats are swollen with kittens, due to have them in the next couple of weeks. They are amusing when then waddle all over the place.

We have a new batch of baby chicks just hatched this past week as well. They are eating hardily and full of life. I just hope they make it to full grow chickenhood with all the predators lurking around here, cats included.

A perfect slice

Spring time is always my favorite time of year. The dogwoods are blooming here already and the garden will go in very soon.

Welcome to this little piece of my heaven, hope yours brings you joy.