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Best Mother’s Day Ever!


This post might be in two segments… Just a warning.

My daughter and I went to see Jason Aldean in concert over the Mother’s day weekend. Country music, rocking like the classics. It was a blast. Need I say more?

My hubby insisted we stay in a hotel in town so we wouldn’t have to drive home after the show. The whole trip made for a weekend we will remember for a loooong time.

Our hotel sat in the center of town. Our city has a very tourist friendly downtown district and made our experience even better. We checked in fairly early to have time to get dressed.



After getting all dolled up for the concert, we took a stroll down the main drag to find a place to eat. We ended up at a favorite eatery where we sat outside to enjoy the awesome weather we had that day.


While sitting there waiting for our food, the girls at the table next to us were talking about the concert.So much excitement coming from that table I couldn’t help but be my nosey self and eavesdrop. It was so much fun to watch them having fun. Then one of them asked my girl if we were going to the concert. They got a good look at her boots and made a likely assumption. Those are some great looking boots. Turns out the girls were out here for a bachelorette party. Making their day even better, they were given backstage passes by Jake Owen’s band members! I think Jake even stopped by himself to say hi. They were all hyped up and couldn’t wait to get to the show.


The girls were enjoying the sun and several beers, glasses of wine, whatever. Before long we were exchanging numbers and they were trying on the girl’s boots.

This is Leslie and Jackie. Leslie is sure my girl will be the perfect mate for her little brother (same age as my girl). This, as the mother, is way too early in life to be making that sort of decision.


This was such fun. My girl had a blast talking these young ladies, swapping numbers, taking pics. She didn’t even finish her meal she was so busy having fun.

The came the concert itself. We got to the arena early, plenty of time to find our seats. Only we sat our bums into the wrong seats and didn’t find out until the original owners of those seats wanted to sit there about 5 mins before the show! We felt a little stupid, having picked the wrong side of the aisle to sit. Turns out, our real seats were more awesome than our mistake seats.


As you see, we got there really early… empty seats and a vacant pit.


Our hearts ratcheted up when the lights went down and the place looked like this.

Opening the show was Thomas Rhett.


Cute dude who can really rock it. He’ll be a headliner one of these days. He only performed for about fifteen minutes, though. Short, but still long enough to play a few tunes we’d heard on the radio. One of his titles is “Beer With Jesus”. A personal favorite, I might say. If Jesus drank wine, why not a good ole beer?


I need to add a disclaimer to these pictures. Cameras with detachable lenses were forbidden inside the arena so I was limited to phone and a point and shoot camera. It wasn’t easy getting that camera to get good shots, but here they are. They weren’t too awful.

Jake Owen was the next headliner. The crowd roared, the music blared and we were swept into it like a tidal wave sweeps sand from the shore. It was wonderful.




My girl describes Jake as a younger Matthew McConaughey with dark hair. The girls went wild for that smile and that hair. Jake wore a Razorback tee-shirt through the whole concert. In Arkansas, that alone will endear him to it citizens. Half way through his performance he had a fan do Woo Pig Sooey – the Pig Call (spelling undetermined). Jake is an Arkansan for life now.




He really played to the crowd. He moved so fast on that catwalk, taking pictures was a real challenge. The girls in the pit had him taking pictures with him on their phones, shaking his hand. He’s signing something here. He was awesome to watch. The energy it takes to perform for an hour and a half like that is something else.


Jake’s band was awesome. His songs are country, but the music has so much rock and roll in it. Some awesome musicians.


We sang along with every hit he sang. It was freaky how many songs I knew. We couldn’t hear each other by the end of this set. Totally deaf. I had to watch out what I said, because I couldn’t even really hear my own speech. Didn’t want to say anything embarrassing.

That is enough for this post. The main attraction to follow…… Jason Aldean!!

Thank you for sharing this slice of heaven today.


Family Weekend Fun


This weekend we enjoyed a visit from our son and his new family. I can’t tell you how much we looked forward to this visit. Me and the kids planned food and activities. It all paid off in trumps too. We out did ourselves when you stop to think about it. We had so much fun, we almost collapsed in exhaustion. Stick around and I’ll give you the rundown.

The kids arrived Friday evening. Our son is engaged and his fiancée has two little girls. They live in the city and haven’t experienced the joys of a small country farm. The kittens found themselves in little hands right away. Those cats weren’t fast enough to escape. The girls are fast. I can’t tell you how many times they slip through my fingers. (Or maybe I’m just too old to move quickly.)

After a quick bite to eat we all moved out to the horses. The evening air had cooled wonderfully, thank goodness.

As most little girls their age, they held a fascination with horses. To get them accustomed to them, we pulled out some feed and showed them how to hand feed them. That is an experience for little hands.
Here is girl two…

Then girl one ….

We laughed at their reactions to those big lips on their little hands.

The main event followed. Horseback riding. This is my Naomi. She is an awesome saddle horse. I would trust her with a kid on her if they knew how to ride alone even. We take the appropriate precautions for novices though.

This was a work out for me as well.
But our son gets his chance to run around too.

After riding, the girls tried their hands at the giant sand pile. Their shoes were filled with sand after this. A lovely pile of the gritty stuff found its way to the porch before we entered the house. I couldn’t believe how much poured from their shoes.

No one denies a pile of sand is a kid’s delight.

The next fun thing to do before the sun settled behind the western horizon was to ride the four-wheeler. You know those aren’t too prevalent in the city.

Momma needed a ride too. He sold his motorcycle last month so this is the closest he gets to a ride.

Here is a nice picture of our son and his honey.

That was a mess of stuff to do in that short amount of time. We packed it in before eating homemade ice cream. That sounds so country. For a gal who spent most of her life in the city, I have come full circle to the simple life.

The kids drove off to their hotel only to have us call them back. C-Man heard the girls wished they could stay with us. That wasn’t any sort of a big deal to us. We had them turn around to drop the girls to spend the night here. They loved bathing in a big slipper tub and sleeping with our girl… all three of them in her bed like peas in a pod. We all got to sleep reeeallly late.

Nobody beat beat me and C-Man up the next morning. Girl one appeared the minute she heard stirring in the house. She did manage to scarf up one of the kittens first thing.

She also had first dibs on the goats that morning.

Our day could not begin without another ride on Naomi.

It was a good thing we rode early because the heat of the day only increased and stuck around until after well after sunset.

Such was the first part of the visit. We loved having those little girls running around and carrying Cooper and playing on the keyboard and snarfing homemade cookies.

Check back later for the rest of the visit. It is just too much to put in one post.

Thanks for sharing my little piece of heaven. Let me know what special people have come to visit in your life.


Transportation Old Style


Today I celebrate the end of a chapter of my life. I closed the door to a job I have held for the past six years. Six years. I didn’t expect to leave the security of this employment after I passed the five year mark. I never expected to stay at this position for this length of time. Seniority at this stage is advanced and the benefits are substantial – lots of time off. That alone lends itself to make one reflect about leaving a seasoned position to start at the bottom somewhere else to work her way back up the ladder. For me that had little effect. A change was in order and I jumped at it.

To celebrate something new, I give you something old. I give you something of the past. I present the tried and true forms of transportation prevalent some one hundred years ago. And it is a special joy for me, since my latest novel in placed in the old west.

Here are these wonderful wagon wheels as one would see them today.

Now, I take you to the past.

This buckboard is old and rickety.

Now it is ancient.

A donkey cart is simple today. A donkey is all that is missing.

Now we see it in the eyes of the past.

O close with more of those wonder wheels. Aged naturally, they instill a wonder in me. Where did they come from? What travels have they seen? What sort of loads did they carry? As a writer if have all sorts of stories floating through my head.

We found these treasures at the Bar Of Ranch feed store in Clinton, Arkansas. It is a feed store with fabulous cowboy furniture. This is also the home of Labor Day Chuck Wagon races.

And that my friends is my little piece of heaven today.


Strong Cowboys


I have one more set of pictures of the rodeo I’d like to share.
I love big strong, strapping, virile men (that’s why I married one) but this event exhibits that brawn to the fullest. This is what is called “Bull-Dogging”. For any of you who are unfamiliar with rodeo jargon, bull-dogging is when the cowboy chases a steer from the line from his horse. He slides out of the saddle and wraps his thick muscled arms around the steer’s neck while digging in his heels to break its run. At the same time he wrestles the steer’s head by turning it around at its neck and bringing the rest of its body to the ground. This is also referred to as “steer wrestling”.

It takes a lot of grit and muscle to bring a five hundred pound steer to the ground.

I managed to get a number of these in sequence so watch and enjoy.

Uh, oh. This one looks like it’ll get away from him.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done.

This is so hard to do. I know I never would have thought about wrestling a steer to the ground. This cowboy did a beautiful job. I had a great time taking these shots.

Today’s heavenly slice.