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A Blast From the Past


Every month my daughter must visit her orthodonist for adjustments to her teeth. His office is so wonderfully fantastical what child or his mother would begrudge the visit? You have to see this wonderful place. Dr. Meyers designed the entire building, combing the country for the nostalgia I am about to show you.

The consult office is a soda shop with an original coke machine out front. I remember pulling glass bottled colas from this sort of machine in the sixties as a kid. (I am dating myself here, I know.)

This marquee marks the rest room.

The back room is designed to resemble an old Sinclair gas station. OMG this is like walking into the past. The dinosaur on the sign makes history come alive.

This room (I’m sure it has technical term) is where the patients sit in seats for Dr. M to inspect their progress. The chairs and tables were designed to resemble the inside of a garage. The shiny aluminum table tops mimic the tool boxes and the chairs are like racing seats.

Dr. Meyers desk is the front end of an old, I want to say, Cadillac. Correct me anyone. I won’t take offence. Whatever it is, it is gorgeous.

On either side of the work station area are 2 benches. Mom’s usually wait on these. They are awesome.

This one really is the back end of a nineteen fifty something Caddy. I love the raw-hide covering. Not only it this aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is really comfortable.

This Woody is the reception desk. Above the desk hangs a large surf board.

Something that brings back far too many memories is this Big Boy. I am
one of those who found themselves often in a Big Boy as a child and as a young person loving the food.

And scattered throughout the office are cases with memorabilia, or old toys. Some of these my brothers had out in the sand box.

A couple of loose antiques lying around on counter tops are peppered throughout the office.

Two dimensional photos hardly give you the impact this place has on you in real life but, I’m so glad to put this down for my posterity. In a few months my daughter will have completed her sentence of tooth adjustment and I may never get another chance to walk through this charming place.

That is my little piece of heaven this week. Let me know if you have any charming places in your community that take you someplace else.


Tornado At Home


I live in what is affectionately referred to as “tornado alley”. I say affectionately, but we mean it only as a consolation to the fear and destruction we face every spring when severe storms sweep through our neck of the woods threatening to devastate a way of life and uproot everything we hold dear.

This year those worries truly were realized when on March 25 at around 6pm a tornado raked its ravaging path through our little community. We were among the fortunate. The only damage we incurred is a few metal sheets off the back porch roof and two trees felled. What a welcome relief at the first inspection upon emerging from the storm shelter to find only those few items out-of-place.

Of course, all this means the power was out, but we had no idea what other damages our neighbors had incurred at the time. Except for the unusually large number of vehicles traversing the road by our home, we only suspected the storm had wreaked havoc on our town. Thank goodness for the smart phone, for we would have been entirely in the dark, and not just literally either. The next morning was our first look at the reality of the night before. C-Man managed to get of town before the National Guard blocked roads. His route out was hindered only by blow over trees. He related news reports of far worse damage to the town farther west. We were all shocked at his news, to say the least.

Someone had inspected our property and deemed us unharmed and all persons accounted for. Hence the circle with the X.

Later that day, we ventured off our hill to take a look around at our neighbors homes in the valley below. We were absolutely dumbfounded at what greeted us.

These trees are only a few of the trees blown over in our neighbor’s yards. Just knocked right over. We were flabbergasted.

Still more trees. I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted. It didn’t seem right in the face of the destruction suffered by our neighbors. People had chain saws and trailers out that day, clearing the debris from their yards. It took days to get it all away.

The next day a trip into town was mandatory and the rest of the devastation greeted us. We were in shock. This is a glimpse of the community with blue tarps draped over almost every roof.

Then, as we reenter the now unfamiliar territory of our little community, all the natural landmarks are gone, blown away in the storm. It so disconcerting not to recognize home.

Trees are just shredded and gone.

This may just be a road to the wandering stranger, but all the power poles are gone and every large tree is decimated. We are in shock to see the transformation. As you see, there are a LOT of power company trucks in the road. We counted about 25 trucks that day. The power company did an outstanding job to restore the power to our community.

More of the same.

This is Simpson Rd and it was lined in beautiful old oaks draping the road from both sides. They shaded the properties and the roadway. This is a such a stark contrast to the norm.

There is so much sky over the ground! We don’t usually see this much blue.

All these pictures came from my phone camera. Who thought to grab the good camera during all that chaos?

I am happy to report all the anomalies are righted and the roads are now at their new norm.

Several homes are being rebuilt and all the roofs are repaired. I tell you, it is a shock to find level ground where a home once stood. We only pray these families are able to recover with little financial loss.

This is a view into a tiny fissure of trouble in my little piece of heaven. It still remains heaven to us, though.




Cat boy has returned from his week long sojourn at Grandma and Grandpa’s. The cat’s missed him. I missed him. Corvette Man missed him. His sister missed him only a little. He had such a great time.

Grandma took him to the Huntsville Space Center….awesome!

He had his first experience on a military base. I was raised on military bases so the excitement with which he described his new experience was not entirely impressive, but I reminded myself a young boy infatuated with guns and implements of war would find this the most exciting opportunity of his life. He visited Redstone Arsenal. Here are some of the things he saw.

His most impressed with the post exchange, likened to a Walmart. He couldn’t believe the size of it. Of course, I have seen numerous BX’s and I am aware of their vast stores of tempting wares.

The most wonderful thing for me as his mother, was the time my son spent with my dad. Dad taught him how to use a number of tools on his workshop, instructing him how to build a cabinet. What a forever treasure to have time with your Grandpa to learn his passion. Of course, our son loves to build things and this was a dream come true for him. This is the small cabinet they made in a few short days. It has dove tailed edges and paneled doors, all of it hand made.

Dad has every wood working tool you can imagine. It makes for some stunning pieces of work.

Thank you Dad and Colet for taking BH for the whole week. I love you.