Happenings Around the Farm


Well we’ve had a quiet week since the kids headed back home. Quiet stills means the horses get feed every morning and evening and the chickens still get grain in the afternoon and fresh water. The goats continue to eat their grain and hay and all the cats and dogs still need attention. So life goes on.

This week our hummingbird made a return. It helped that I refreshed the sugar-water in the feeder. I have wanted to take some in-flight shots, but this is all I have at the moment.

We also have an unusual visitor. I haven’t seen this sort of crane before so he found his way into my camera.

Then…. there is Cooper. Cooper had a spa day yesterday. I’m not saying he was looking forward to it, but he got one any way. All you have to do is take a long look at that hair and you will understand perfectly why it is sooooo necessary.

Don’t you think that looks like one heck of a mop? He can’t see out of those little peepers!

If that shot doesn’t convince you, then have a gander at this one.

Come on now! That is hilarious. He looks like a hippy Shitsu. And forlorn. But he weathered the clipping admirably and came looking like this.

What a class act. Trim and proper and just take a look at those chocolate-brown eyes. That short cut makes him so incredibly soft. Who doesn’t want to grab him up and rub him to pieces?

Then, this is what a day at the spa will do for a little dog.

He couldn’t wait to get home before passing out in the truck. I just love little puppies. Except this fellow is almost full growed at this point.

So much for my little piece of heaven. Hope you had as much fun as I had.


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