Cuties at Home


Just jotting down a few quick thoughts. This week has been a sweeping whirlwind of summer activity. I am happy to get to this one and only blog (when my goal is to do two at least). I seem to have only enough time for this one.

Monday we bugged out of our house early to station our little selves outside the driver’s license testing center in the next town. The goal: let the youngest in our family take the written test. She passed it first go!! What do you say to that boys? She finished in record time compared to those fellows in our family.

We spent the day running errands after our early start. Then C-Man came home early and we went out for an afternoon drive and didn’t return until almost 5pm! Our trek took us into the Ozark hills where we found a couple of treasures along the way. We had great fun.

Tuesday it rained here. Yay!! We needed rain so desperately. No outside work day, but my kids scoured their rooms. I didn’t even have to twist an arm!

I really just wanted to post some pictures of a couple of our babies. This kitten loves to sleep on things. This is a month ago.

We found her on this sponge almost every day.

She obviously knows a comfy bed when she sees one. She is also very good at draping.

She still drapes. Today it happens to be her mama.

But mama doesn’t mind at all.

This was on our rainy day. I couldn’t get a really great shot unfortunately. It was raining cats and dogs when I took this. There are three goats inside this igloo. The baby is out of sight, tucked against the far right side.

I found it humorous how well they fit when they have to.

Annnnnd….. I couldn’t forget on last look at our favorite little guy.

Just had to share a couple glimpses into my little piece of heaven. We have so many wonderful things to keep us entertained.


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