Hummingbird Adventures


Living in the country, we are not alone out here. Aside from all the animals we brought here, our farm is home to numerous indigenous …. things. We have turtles and snakes. Bob Whites make nests in the tall grass. Martins nested in the tree house until the tornado knocked it over and a few hummingbirds have started frequenting my flower pots and the hummingbird feeder.

I have had fly-bys of the hummingbird variety over the years, but no permanent visitors until this year. This year I hung out a hummingbird feeder. I love to watch them. They flit and flout and hover and zip and they are hard to capture with the camera. They each have their own personalities and distinctive coloring.

I have been stalking my feeder to catch them in motion, but with the insane heat around here, they have been scarce. Me thinks they prefer plain water to sugared water. I can’t blame them.

This fellow finally settled on the nearby fence. I wanted to show how small he is. Petite and strong.

You should be able to see the lovely green sheen on his back. Here we have a look at his throat, which is different. The upper section of his throat appears dark here, but….

There is a brilliant red color under his bill. It glares at you in the sunlight. It amazes me.

Here we have it again. Shiny red!

How can such a tiny creature carry so much clout? Both in appearance and drive. Believe me, if you’ve never watched these little fellows forage and defend their territory.

He is about to take flight.

He is all glittering green with that flash of read. What better way to celebrate the summer than with a fusion of natural color in a tiny package?

This is my little piece of heaven for today.


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  1. The first time my wife and I lived in California, we had a hummingbird feeder and we loved to watch them. We’d get three and four at a time fighting and feeding over the same feeder.

    After stints in Texas and Pennsylvania, we found out we were returning to California and my wife was so excited that we’d get hummingbirds again.

    When we got settled in, we put a feeder out with 6 feeding stations. At night, we had two birds at each station. So we added another feeder… and another… and another until we had 6 feeders. Each feeder had 6 stations. And as the sun went down, we had 2 birds at each station. That’s 72 birds. And we had other birds flying around trying to scare someone off so they could take the empty spot.

    It was amazing.

    We had a huge pot for boiling water and making hummingbird food.

    We were really sad when we had to move and we’re sure the people who bought our house didn’t keep it up.

    Love hummingbirds.


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