Cooper’s First Hair Cut


This post is all about comfort. Comfort from the heat. Comfort for the summer and mom trying to make sure everyone really is comfortable.
Do you get my drift?

As the mom here, I can’t stand to have my family out of sorts and that includes our little puppy. Shih tzu dogs are covered in hair. I mean it is abundant and it grows long. This is a good thing when living in the cold climates these little guys were first raised in. To have that much hair here in Central Arkansas can be dangerous to their health.

Cooper is no exception to this rule. His coat has been growing since birth and that means it is forming a perfectly wonderful form of insulation…. for the winter months, not for the summer. Poor thing pants and lies on the cool tiles to escape the heat. I just couldn’t let him suffer the heat. Solution: hair cut.

As you can see, Cooper is covered in hair. He is so cute and fluffy and huggable.

I took matters into my own hands and decided to thin his hair just a tad. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had chopped it off pretty completely. Can you see the spiky pieces of hair standing up on end? I butchered the poor little guy. He doesn’t seem to take any offense though, you know?

His little feet are still rapidity. I have no idea how to trim them properly. He has so much hair and it is everywhere. He didn’t complain with the cut though. He flitted around the house happy as a lark to be free of some of that insulation.

But…. C-Man and my daughter don’t really want to take the little guy out in public like that. He has holes in his back and the cut is uneven all over.

Can’t you tell?

Get a load of those paws too.

And… can you see all those uneven ends all over. He is still awfully cute, though.

So I took him to the groomer’s this weekend to sort out the mess. We went to the Petsmart place and they were awesome. Cooper is a puppy with no experience at grooming. The girl who took care of him was outstanding and he stood for her like a trooper.

To see him, one would never guess the dog has never seen a grooming table and leash in his short life.

He just lets her move all around his little body with the clipper without a word of protest. She just shaves away. This was not the scene at my house a few days before, believe me.

It looks like he almost enjoys it. I am proud of him though.

He even caught sight of us through the mirror.

And now we have a perfectly groomed little dog.

Can you see his little feet are all trimmed up and there are no more fly away pieces. We can see all of his brown little eyes. His ears are all even too.

One last look.

He is a big slice of my piece of heaven nowadays. Who’d a thought.


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  1. I think Cooper is GORGEOUS in all the photos! His personality jumps right off the page. We don’t have to worry about haircuts with Jasper but every time his nails need clipping, we have to take him to the vet. Jasper’s silly about his feet and is a bit grumbly anytime they’re touched.


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