Somebody Stop Me… Please!


I am terrible. I have become that crazy mom with the small dog she adores and goes wacko about all the little things the DOG might need. Now remember, this is a dog. They have their own coat for warmth and they are low to the ground and can make their own way in the world because they are animals. But this is a small puppy. A shit zu. He is so little.

There is no way I’m leaving him alone in the house, so he goes everywhere with me. And I mean everywhere. Rarely I leave him in the car, but often as not, I take him in with me…
He sleeps with our daughter, because he is her dog (technically). He spends the whole day with me at home so as a result, I am very attached to him. So he and me are a thing.

Spring time means being outside a lot at our farm. There is gardening to tend to and lots and lots of mowing. Mowing is my thing. I love to mow. When I get to mowing, I will be out there for an hour or more. That is a long time to put little Cooper in the house while I am out where he wants to be.

For a shit zu, this is the most outdoor indoor dog I’ve ever seen. He lives to romp in the grass. Chases the cats, who tolerate him, and hunts chickens. I would be cruel to leave him inside during such warm days.

On that note, I bought a frivolous thing, but it will really come in handy, I’m sure.

I know! I know! It’s a doggy carrying pack!! But I can’t have him outside while I mow or barking alone in the house. Now he will be entertained watching all the going on from the cock-pit of the tractor as I mow. He will love it!

We rationalize it will be handy during hikes and long touristy trips, because you know that dog is going with us.

Here he is with our daughter.

Now you have to admit, this is the cutest little dog you’ve ever seen. If this doesn’t convince you, then take a look at this.

Asleep on his back, all that hair sticking out all over the place and that delectable little tummy inviting a warm rub.

Gotta love it. Every bit of my little piece of heaven.


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